Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Presents Underway

Every year I come up with a new idea for my homemade Christmas presents. This year I am making napkins/hand towels...however you want to use them.  For some I am using long 2 1/2 strips of fabric, and on others 9 - 2 1/2 inch squares sewn together and attached alone the hem about 2 inches up. I ordered the napkins from Amazon, but unfortunately the 100% cotton ones really wrinkles. They may need to be ironed before using each time...UGH! The second back I ordered were cotton and polyester mixed, and they were thicker and after preaching they dried out without any wrinkles...WOO~HOO. I have 24 of each kind...a total of 48 in al...and I still have 22 more to complete. I used white thread so the underside would look better...all white. For the pictures, I folded the napkins in different way so I could get more together to photograph.
Here are some of the ones I have finished so far:

 Contrasting Solids

 Red Quilting Squares

 Blue Quilting Squares 

 Pastel Colored Quilting Squares 

This shows you the length of the towels. They are folded into thirds.
 There are irregularities in the sizing of the 100% cotton ones after prewashing and drying..

These are waiting to be made. The fabric strips are Mary Engelbreit fabrics ~ one set of four in red and white fabrics and the other set is green and white fabrics. They are so cute and festive.
With these I think I am going to use white thread on the spool and red on the bobbin.
Will do a trial run to be sure it looks ok. Gotta have the tension correct or it will be a mess.

Here is an example package of precut coordinated fabrics like the ones I used.

A BIG HUG and SUPER BIG THANKS go out to the very talented Amanda Jean. Her fabulous blog is Crazy Mom Quilts. It is filled with tutorials and lots of little things you can make plus quilts. On her post celebrating the 9th birthday of her blog earlier in November, she asked us all to leave her a comment telling her about the things we had made where we had gotten the idea from her blog. Well, this is only one of MANY  of her things I have made, and I plan to post more in the days to come. So sorry Amanda Jean that I did not make it it before the cut off time to post to your blog, but I am giving you credit now. I had just made so many of your things that I ran out of time putting the post all together. I have learned so much from you.

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Congratulations on your 9th Birthday 
and ALL the beautiful things you have made durning that time.
in that nice years.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Genie’s First Race ~ TheThanksgiving Gobble Wobble 5K

Walked My Race ~ Smile on Face  

"Keep your dreams alive.  Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hardwork, determination, and dedication.  Remember all things are possible for those who believe."
~Gail Divers                                        

After years of sitting on the sidelines waiting for Buddy to complete his races, I decided it was time for me to at least walk in one for the fun of it. Every Thanksgiving Day, Lexington has the Gobble Wobble 5K thru the streets of old Lexington. It was a crisp 50 degrees when it al began.
There were around 375 people registered for the race today, but most of us walked. The runners flew by us on they way to the finish line by the time we got to the top of the first hill.

#325 and #326 

My head was so cold that I put on one of those funky round thingies Bud gets at the races in his goodie bag and one of his hats. This was taken by a friend just before the race began.

Of course, Buddy had to have his picture taken with the Turkey...

Then we were off up one of the many hills I got to huff and puff on.

When we went by the Lexington Fire Department, they had a huge American flag hanging from the top of one of its tall ladders. Now, only in Lexington would you see something like this. It was great.

 Washington and Lee University Blue Bikes
Check Out ~ Lock Up

I saw some beautiful color along the route.

In the distance is the steeple of the old Robert E. Lee Episcopal Church. 

Ann Smith School where Buddy attended 1st-3rd Grades.
Now it is a frat house at Washington and Lee
Thank goodness they saved this beautiful historic building.

Main Street with Virginia Military Institute on hill in the far distance.

After walking and huffing and puffing up and down all over the city, we finally hit our last hill. In front of us are 2 of the volunteers just behind the end-of-the-race police car. He had to tell Bud and me two different times to move over to the far right so the cars could get by...that they has reopened the streets. Shucks...there were still people behind us trying to finish and not trip on the jagged sidewalks.

Burr Datz...aka Santa
Burr was a volunteer standing at the last turn to cheer us on to the finish.
I taught his daughter, and she was a leader in one of my first student groups
that I took to England. He kept yelling...”Genie, Genie”...telling me I could make it. In turn I teased him saying he looked like the race Santa to me.

Please note John Anderson of Crozet Running...I wore my loud pink shoes you sold me.
They are so good. You definitely hit the nail on the head for me that day. I am convinced they saved my back.FINALLY, I made it. What a relief! My first race...but to really be first walk. 
And Buddy was a real sport to walk along with me.
We really did have a good time. Lots of dogs and strollers, screaming babies, and poop bags. 
It all added to the family atmosphere. We just might do it again :-)

 This is the proof. We made it. Woo Hoo!
And my rotten back survived. Walked carefully, with heel down first 
and then rolling my foot forward and it really did work.
I came home in far better shape that I would have thought I would have.
No medal. No ribbon. Just the knowledge that I did it and actually had a good time.

“There are victories of the soul and spirit.
Sometimes, even if you lose, you win.”
~Elie Wiesel

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Girl’s Pictorial Journal of Years Past

Worn and Torn but Still Lives

It has been several years since I have tried to use textures, but I’ve decided it is time to reteach myself. This is my first attempt, and it certainly leaves a lot to be desired. Still, I have to start somewhere. This album belonged to my children’ father’s mother. It is filled with pictures, newspaper articles, and notes from her friends spanning from high school through college. It is truly a treasure.

"Tonight, as I looked out my window
At the snowflakes, lovely and white,
I thought of the days of my childhood
Long past, all so happy and bright,”
~Gertrude TooledBuckingham, “The First Show of the Season” (1940s)

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NF DAM ~ Digital Art Meme

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Variety of Scenes from Rockbridge County

Skywatch Friday
The hale bales and old fence gate behind Highland old school.
There were contrails all over the sky going whichaway and that way
but I was unable to get good pictures of them. The sun was blaring down in my eyes, and I did not know where to do to get away from it.

VA Department of Transportation Rock Pile
The crews have already started stockpiling gravel and rock for our icy roads.
and salt for the snowy icey roads that are coming down the pile.
It was such a gorgeous day last week with unusually blue skies blue.

 This shot was taken from the rock pile looking towards the west.
I still love seeing and shooting his tree after many years. 
It is beautiful all year long, and it has become my friend.

Weekend in Black and White

 This is a single rock from the big pile. 
I thought it was so pretty.

 The DMV road rock pile located behind my old Highland  Belle Middle School.
The road crews are stockpiling getting ready for the icey winter roads.

Good Friday Fences
Shadow Shot Sunday 2

The buildings of Maple Hall can be seen in the background.

Here are two views of the entrance to maple hall taken about 5:00 in the afternoon on my way home from substituting all day. When I saw the fencing and the shadows with the light as it was, I just had to stop. I adore these old buildings and a trying to learn about each one’s heritage.

Next week I will share with you photos of the actual Maple Hall

which dates back to 1850. My daughters wedding reception was held there twenty-five years ago. 

I love nature.
I love the landscape, because it is so sincere.
It never cheats me.
It never jests.
It is cheerfully, earnest and honest.
~Henry D. Thoreau
~ 10 November 1850

I wish all of you a fun filled, food filled, family filled, 
and love filled  Thanksgiving this 2015.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cathedral Cafe and Buddy’s Crooked Road 24 Race

The Cathedral Cafe ~ Fayetteville, WV
(Taken just a weekend ago while Bud was running 
the Canary in the Cave trail race)

 Cathedral Cafe

One of Two Large Stained Glass Windows

Cathedral Cafe Sign

Way too chilly to eat outside.

Welcome Sign and Original Doors into Sanctuary

The inside is very, very cozy.

The chalkboard signs are done so creatively.

 Stained Glass from the Inside

The choir upstairs is now  a little consignment/used sales area.

The old wood and the stained glass rectangles 
of these old windows are beautiful.
Fortunately, none of the wood has been painted.
More Chalkboard Signs

  Reflections from the two windows on one of the tables.

All the tables are handprinted like these three.

Children’ Play Area

 The Book Tree

 The Book Shelf
Bud’s Crooked Road Race

Buddy just finished the Crooked Road 24 Hour Race at Rocky Mount, Va, which began Saturday at 8:00A.M. and finished today at 8:00A.M. He slept Friday night and off and on during the race in his old Vibe. It was so cold in there Friday night his Power Bars froze and the windows were covered in frost from his breath.I made him as warm a bed as I could to go with his sleeping bag.These pictures he sent home via iPhone.

During the 24 hours, runners could stop and rest whenever they needed, and there was lots of good food and drink for the 24 hours...soup, pizza, hamburgers, yummy boiled potatoes and lots more. Volunteers manned the course from start to finish.It was at Waid Park on a hybrid figure eight style track/trail. 
Bud took these views for us:

He ran a total of 100K which is 2.4 marathons...I hope I have it straight, because I do not get running distances at all. I’ve asked him so many times trying to make sure I have it correct that I think he is worn out with me :-) I just don’t get it! When he came thru the door at noon, he was hobbling and sounded terrible (sort of mumbling), so he has been sleeping off and on all afternoon. He ran farther than he did last year so is a VERY happy husband, and I’m a VERY happy wife that he was able to break his 2014 record and made it home safely.

A volunteer and another runner were kind enough 
to take these shots on his iPhone for him to have.

50K Completed
Little Sign ~ Long Run

He looks SO happy...maybe he’s just glad it’s finally over.
Done Deal! Little Sign ~ Longer Run

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