Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Variety of Scenes from Rockbridge County

Skywatch Friday
The hale bales and old fence gate behind Highland old school.
There were contrails all over the sky going whichaway and that way
but I was unable to get good pictures of them. The sun was blaring down in my eyes, and I did not know where to do to get away from it.

VA Department of Transportation Rock Pile
The crews have already started stockpiling gravel and rock for our icy roads.
and salt for the snowy icey roads that are coming down the pile.
It was such a gorgeous day last week with unusually blue skies blue.

 This shot was taken from the rock pile looking towards the west.
I still love seeing and shooting his tree after many years. 
It is beautiful all year long, and it has become my friend.

Weekend in Black and White

 This is a single rock from the big pile. 
I thought it was so pretty.

 The DMV road rock pile located behind my old Highland  Belle Middle School.
The road crews are stockpiling getting ready for the icey winter roads.

Good Friday Fences
Shadow Shot Sunday 2

The buildings of Maple Hall can be seen in the background.

Here are two views of the entrance to maple hall taken about 5:00 in the afternoon on my way home from substituting all day. When I saw the fencing and the shadows with the light as it was, I just had to stop. I adore these old buildings and a trying to learn about each one’s heritage.

Next week I will share with you photos of the actual Maple Hall

which dates back to 1850. My daughters wedding reception was held there twenty-five years ago. 

I love nature.
I love the landscape, because it is so sincere.
It never cheats me.
It never jests.
It is cheerfully, earnest and honest.
~Henry D. Thoreau
~ 10 November 1850

I wish all of you a fun filled, food filled, family filled, 
and love filled  Thanksgiving this 2015.

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  1. Oh I like the black and white of the rock. I can see a huge icy mountain plateau with a glacier running down the valley into the black ocean water. Great photo.

  2. Great photos for the memes Genie, I love the shadows.

  3. Hi! Nice captures. I like the first photo very much. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The picket fence and shadowy lane is a great shot. Those rocks look too large for just icy roads. Perhaps the Hwy Dept is thinking of road rebuilding. Lovely post.

  5. The rock on top makes for such a powerful image!

  6. That first photo is such a familiar scene to me! Your photos are all beautiful. Love the lane and fences.

  7. Love the Thoreau quote and of course your lovely photos.

  8. Beautiful views, Genie, but the most appealing to me is the shadow shots.

  9. I love your gorgeous countryside images and views. Lovely series of photos. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  10. Lovethe first shotof bales of hay and the fence

  11. I really like the Thoreau quote you shared with us and it goes so well with these beautiful photos and gorgeous blue sky.

  12. Wonderful views and an interesting landscape.

  13. A super selection of images! Great fences & being a country girl, I loved the field of bales beyond the gate!

  14. I'm glad that I am not the only one that has trees for friends. I have several that I return to. I love the old fencing in the late afternoon.

  15. I love nature too. And the black and white shot of the rock is very cool!

  16. beautiful scenery....I look forward to your next post.

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  18. Love the hale bales. The rock pile reminds me the worst driving season is on the way!

  19. The black and white rock is beautiful - a rugged landscape in miniature. Lovely lighting, too.

  20. that single rock is very pretty. I agree with you on that :)

  21. I love nature in winter , so austere and pure.Especially when the sun is shining!!

  22. Love all the scenes in this post - even the old rickety fence line. I too feel close to the seasonal changes of trees and never tire of photographing particular favourites.

  23. Those passenger sitting within the jet's contrails have no idea of the beauty those on the ground find so wonderful - those within the jet stream can only wonder from afar...

  24. luv your tree friend, thanks for sharing

    much love...

  25. Sorry to be late commenting. We had company over the holiday and then I got sick so I'm just now getting around to commenting on GF - Very lovely skies and yes that tree is pretty cool looking. I liked the fences to Maple Hall very much.