Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sequim, WA, in Black and White ~ The Boathouse

Just a week ago we were with my son and his family
 staying in the "Boathouse" at the Sunset Beach Resort
 overlooking Sequim Bay in Sequim, WA.

 Our Firepit

 Do you know what this is? Look at the two shots of the dock below and you will find that it is one of the lights at night.

  Grandson, Thomas, looking at the fire. 
You cannot see the color, but he has very, curly, red hair.

 These retro barstools were so cool. 
They were probably my favorite thing about the little boathouse.

Ben (9) and Thomas (7) juggling apples form a tree on the property. This was not our cabin. Ours was down the steps and on the water...the best location in my book.

This picture of the boathouse is from the Sunset Marine Resort site. It was a wonderful place to visit, and I thought you folk who live in the area might want to know where it is and what is looked like. Here is the link to their site:
There are color shots of all the rentals there.

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Some Fencing at Virginia Military Institute & My Morning Walk

For those of  you who did not see my Skywatch post, this is a picture of the front of Virginia Military Institute. It and the Citadel were the last all male military colleges in the United States to admit women.

 I shot this picture today coming back from a rush trip to the dentist. Sitting at a stoplight in a real speed trap area of our college town,  I was trying to get the new wall and fencing up above as quickly as I could. Sorry the vintage white structure is leaning, but that is what always happens with I look up to shoot. I really do need to go up and look at the marker on this building because it has to one of the first ones built.

These two iron gates when closed and locked 
form the initials VMI. They are both unique and beautiful. All of the gates at VMI are like this. You are looking at the side entrance to the school where the obstacle course and baseball field are located.

This is a close up view of the gates pictured above. 
They really are impressive. 

Last but not least some pictures of fences
 from my early morning walk before work this morning.

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The Skies of Lexington and Rockbridge County ~ 8-30-12

 House Mountain in Late Afternoon

Contrasts in Color

 Sunrise at Highland Belle School
This is where I walk every morning before driving to school.

 Close Up of Sky over Virginia Military Institute
I think is looks like North America 
with the state of Florida  just off of center.

Same Sky but with Virginia Military Institute Popping Up

And last but not least, here is the front of Virginia Military Institute. Buddy's daddy worked at the equipment manager of the football team for 30 years. When he passed away the school honored him by flying the flags at half mast and placed a portrait of him in Cameron Hall. He was a quiet and unassuming gentleman who gave his life to VMI.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dinner at Bella Luna ~ Snoqualmie, WA

This is my son's favorite place to go to eat, and it is not very far from his home on Baimbridge Island. They serve the best food. Four adults and two children all ate dinner plus cokes, milk and beers for $41.00. I could not believe the tab when the girl brought it to me. What a great deal! The orange life preserver is out on a beautiful, long dock which the Suquamish Tribe built. 
Their meeting place is on the property, too. 

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Please, let us put an end to word verification. 

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning ~ 8-29-12

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Views from the Olympic Peninsula of Washington

 Crescent Lake ~ Olympia National Park ~ A Natural Lake
I sat in one of the two chairs and babysat the dog while my son and his family went canoeing and Bud went hiking up to the waterfalls. Grandmothers make great baby/dog sitters.

View of Mt. Ranier from the Baimbridge Island Ferry
It is a tad bit blurry, but at least I was able to get one shot of it. On some of our trips out there we never see the mountain at all.

Drive By View of the Olympics on Our Way Home

 Barn at Sequim, Washington
How can anyone pass up a good old barn?

 My 7 Year Old Grandson Taking It All In
I LOVE that red, curly head of hair!

This was a very small farm, 
but the owners made good use of what land they had.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shadows and Senior Silliness

Bud and I took the grandsons to the park one day last week while we were visiting my son and his family on Baimbridge Island, WA. I could not resist taking my turn on the slide, and Bud couldn't resist taking pictures of me making a fool of myself. Thank goodness he stopped before I made my wonderful plop at the bottom. The child in the background in two of the shots is our seven year old grandson. I may be 73, but it is obvious I am still a child at heart and have no trouble poking fun at myself.

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