Thursday, May 31, 2012

Library in Black and White

Last week many of you were curious to know what this image was that I posted for "Weekend in Black and White.”  Well, here is your answer. It’s the grate allowing the heat from the furnace to rise and warm the room during winter. I thought it looked interesting taken from such a slanted angle.

A typical shelf of books in our school library.

Here you can see the book shelf, the heat grate above the books, and one of many windows which run the length of the room.

Here is a close up of the grate back against the window.

This shot shows the radiator grate running the length of the shelf above the books with all of the windows and shades.

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Sunset over the Chester River in Maryland

After my grandson’s graduation on Friday and a family pool party, it was time to head home to my daughter’s house out in the country. I could not believe my eyes at the sunset that was calling out to me from the skies above. Out came the Canon Point and Shoot, the window got rolled down,  and I went to clicking one beautiful shot after the other. I really could not believe my eyes. It was heavenly. These are SOOC because I just did not want to do anything to them. To me they were beautiful just as they were. This was a real first for me and quite exciting. In the last three pictures you can see the sun moving towards the big farm and then behind it. What a sight for these old eyes. 

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old Fountain

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Some Very Important Carvings

After my grandson, Willy, graduated from Saint Andrews last Friday, we all went downstairs to see the chapel where some scenes in "Dead Poet’s Society" were filmed. As we were walking along a corridor on our way out, we came upon this unbelievable beaded board wall. The tradition coming down through the years is each person in the graduating class carves his or her name and the year of graduation. I did a very poor job with the photos, but I really wanted to share them with you. I think it is one of the neatest things I have seen in a long time. Trust me, we were not allowed to carve anything on anything at the boarding school I attended with Dominican nuns.

Willy had to be different. He went for as close to the ceiling as he could get.  I really got a kick out of seeing his name carved there for posterity. His brother, Crenshaw, carved in it two years ago, but we did not find his name. If you did not see the pictures of the school which looks like it belongs at Oxford instead of Delaware and would like to see them and the family, here is the link: 

I think after 4 years of living, studying, and learning in this boarding school all the boys and girls of the graduating classes earned the right to carve their names in the wood.  

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Eloise beside the Chester River

Our Eloise beside the Chester River in Chestertown, MD.

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Time for a Game of Throw and Catch

 I’m waiting.

 Oops, I missed it. Come a little bit closer.

 Gotcha! Boy, am I good!

Here I come. TIme to start over. You throw and I’ll catch!

The glow of the sun on the water of the pool make it look like it was filled with lily pads. It was an amazing image.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Grandchild Graduates

This was my world last week...attending the graduation of my daughter’s middle son, Willy, from Saint Andrews School in Middletown, Delaware, on Friday. Gene, Eloise, and I drove up on Thursday, and then we drove back to Lexington on Saturday to spend the Memorial Day weekend on the creek. My daughter’s older son, Crenshaw, graduated from Saint Andrews two years ago. The campus is beautiful and reminds me so much of Oxford. The following is a series of  pictures of the buildings and a bit of the graduation. 

Clock Tower 
I just love the 2012 banner hanging there 
in all of its glory!

Staff Housing

Entrance to the school.

The Lake

The Chapel  ~ Scenes in the movie "Dead Poet’s Society" were filmed in this chapel.

Graduation Seating

Piper piping for the graduates’ procession. Two years ago when my eldest grandchild graduated there were 5 or 6 bagpipers piping, but this year there was only one and he did one great job!

Graduates Processing

 The Happy Graduate

 Here are the cousins:
Crenshaw (2010 graduate), Henry (10th grader at St. James School in Hagerstown, MD, Willy (this year’s graduate), and Eloise ( age 7).

 A Happy Willy

 Last but not is the family. It was one beautiful day for a graduation.

Thank you all for your comments over the weekend. I am sorry I was unable to return my comments to you, but I was unable to even get to the computer. 

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