Thursday, December 26, 2013

Are You Tired?

This sign is hanging on the old iron fence in front of Buddy’s family’s church...
Trinity Methodist Church here in Lexington, Virginia

These are the rocking chairs the sign is referring to. The nurses from my doctor’s office across the street come over here on warm days to eat their lunches.

It is a very simplistic church inside but the simplicity makes it especially beautiful..

I found this to be a bit interesting.....who am I supposed to feel kicking...Santa...the Devil...the Christ Child about to be born? I do not have the slightest idea, but since it is Christmas I will have to go with my last suggestion. What do you all think? Bud says it has to be the last.

It’s history goes back a long, long time.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

British Love

Last night I received an early Christmas gift from my blogging friend, Denise, of An English Girl Rambles. She knows how much I LOVE England so she knew I would like the tea cozy. Thanks so much. As you walk in the door of this old farm house, it is the first thing you see. 

Not only do I have my tree with its British I have a tea cozy. I am so happy.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Click and then click again to enlarge the individual picture.

Left to Right Starting with Top Row:
Eloise and Buster
Eloise with Mom and Dad Waiting for Santa to Arrive on Fire Truck
Genie (Baga) with Buster
Eloise at Fire Pit by Chester River
Eloise Close-Up
Eloise and Baga
Eloise Fixing Place Cards for Thanksgiving Dinner
Eloise on Dock

Uncle Steven’s House on Chester River at End of Dock
Bridge over Chester River at Chestertown, MD
Sky over Chestertown, MD
View of Chestertown, MD, Walking out on Uncle Steven’s Dock

The Fire Pit and Williamsburg Style Benches
Next Door Dock~Bridge over Chester River in the Distance
Dock on the Other Side of Uncle Steven’s Dock
Fence and Woodpile at Uncle Steven's

Another View of the Sky over Chestertown, MD
Taking Flight

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More Homemade Presents

Wooden Tag Banner 
The wooden tags came from an old timey Ben Franklin store in Fayetteville, WV.  The backs had seals on them saying where they were made and a bunch of other stuff so I got hot water and removed them. Then I took Christmas cupcake papers from the dollar bins at Michaels and glued them to the backs. I used green wired twine and then green wired ribbon to tie them together. I covered clothespins with Christmas paper and used them to hold the twine to the ribbon. The final thing was to take a glue gun to be sure the ties were secure on the backs and glued little holly thingies on the holes. 

Cork Garland ~ 1
Twine, bells, colored plastic beads and some wooden ones from Michaels, old corks, eye screws that go into each end of the corks, a glue gun to affix the beads and the bells so they don’t move, and ribbon for the ties on the ends. Easy Peasy!

Hope you can see the little eye screws.

Cork Garland~ 2
I made this one for my son, Gene. I used larger wooden balls/beads for it.

Little appliquéd felt and cloth ornaments...

Quilted Table Runner 
I made this for my daughter and gave it to her at Thanksgiving. She created the fun centerpiece out of colored paper, a marker, and a pineapple.

Quilted Table Runner in Blues

Tied Christmas Wreath
I used Williamsburg replica cotton prints. All the edges are pinked. The form is from a roll of some kind of Large bendable wire from Lowe’s.

A Silly Cork Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Coasters
These are made following Tree Trivet Tutorial over at Stitching and Bacon.
It was the Christmas in July Challenge ~ July 10, 2013 post
I modified the pattern leaving out the hangers, but otherwise I tried to follow it as closely as possible. It is a wonderful tutorial.

Fronts of Quilted Christmas Tree Coasters
I have the pattern and the link to the tutorial if anyone would want it.

Backs of the Quilted Christmas Tree Coasters

Here are some extras that I am finishing up now. They need batting in the centers and a backing fabric.

All of my presents are made and I stuck to my guns...I made them all. These are just some of my favorites I shared with you all.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Macro Melt

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 I Heart Macro

Daisy and Buster

 Daisy and Mischievous Buster
These two belong to my daughter.
Daisy is laid back and old; Buster is one and will not let her have any peace.

 My son, Gene, with Buster at Thanksgiving Table
Yes, Buster is eating his cake!

Buster’s Gluten Free Spice Cake

Sorry about the noise in the pictures, but sometimes my iPhone 4 does a crummy job.
Any suggestions on how to avoid it?

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Church in a Cabin

This has to be one of my favorite country churches...a real log cabin structure with a little spire. It’s in West Virginia just as you turn up the access road to Beartown State Park. Each time we go to Beartown I fall more in love with it. Can you imagine getting married in this precious church?

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Weekend Reflections

Wednesday morning a best friend of ours was going to Richmond to do last minute shopping so I decided to hitch a ride across the mountain. Any chance I get to go and see my 8 year old granddaughter, Eloise, even if for just overnight, I go for it!

After I went with her mom to get her from school, she went directly to the computer to do her special math homework. There were also two “ economics” papers she had to do...amazing! She LOVES her math assignments via the computer. The program is “Kirie.” My, how school has changed! She’s doing the typical 3rd grade math...times tables and division...and playing the recorder/song flute. I can remember doing all of these in 3rd grade... which now seems like the dark ages it was so long ago.

After she finished her homework, her pal, Georgia, stopped by to play and eat dinner. We adore Georgia and feel like she and Eloise are growing up way too fast. Eloise wanted a little tree for her bedroom so Mom went out after school and got her this one. She was ecstatic. This morning we all got up, had breakfast, went with Eloise and her mom to take her to school, and then my friend and I left for home.

When we got to the little town of Stuart’s Draft, the decision was made to stop at the Amish cheese shop. As we pulled into the parking lot, this sign company was there putting up a BIG new sign on the side of the building. Their truck looked huge in that little slot.

It was not until we were walking out the door that I looked around and saw the reflection of the truck, the cones, and all the cars in the window. I immediately pulled out the trusty old iPhone 4 (I refuse to upgrade because I am one of those lucky ones who has unlimited data, but if I update, I lose it!) How many times have I said...if you’ll just take the time to look around yourself, you will be surprised at what you might see. I never seem to be disappointed.

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