Sunday, November 27, 2011

Macro Monday ~10-28-11

Can you guess what this is and what it is used for?

Here is your answer. It is a pipe resting on two round pieces of wood barricading cars from entering this area by the river at Roshen Pass. Another one of those simple things that fascinates me so.

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Old Barns and Outbuildings on a Working Farm near My School

Come and join us on Barn Charm and The Creative Exchange.

One afternoon after school I decided to take a back road and see what I could find in there way of barns. When I came upon this farm, I was amazed. All the building are really old and somewhat in disrepair, but the people are using all of them and have lots of cattle.

It Is Christmas Present Making Time

I am one of those who believes in making her gifts and not buying them. These wreaths were made from scraps of fabrics I had for my quilting. They are so easy to make.  If anyone is interested, I will be happy to upload a tutorial. The first wreath in the second row is made from Mary Engelbreit fabrics, but all of the other are from Christmas colored ones. I have some blogging pals who adore Mary’s things, so I thought they could use the wreaths in their crafting rooms. Here is a list of what I used: circles cut from a roll of multi-purposed 14 gauge wire from Lowe’s, a wire cutter, florist’s tape, pinking shears, and rectangular fabric pieces folded in half and ironed. I tied the fabric around the wire circle in a 1/2 knot, pushed each really close to the one before, and this is what I got. So easy:-) The time consuming part was cutting the fabric and ironing it in half...the rest was a breeze. Not expensive even if you have to buy a 1/4 yard each of some Christmas colored fabrics...and the wire goes a long, long ways - it was $8.00 for the roll. The wreath fabrics are floppy so you can turn and squish them however you like. I have thought about brushing them with  fabric stiffener, but as yet have not had the nerve to give it a try.The countdown is on, so I am well on my way. Need to make another 6, but then I will be through. I have some other little goodies I have made, but I will save them for next week. They are easy, quick, and inexpensive, too.
(The ones in the upper left and lower right are the same one is perfect :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Swinging on a Swinging Bridge on Sunday

Before you view my post this week, I want to share with you a picture made of Buddy and me 33 years ago. There was a discussion on the Today show this morning about the number of second marriages which fail...this number seems to be growing larger and larger. With my story I want to dispel the concept. I was first married for 18 years and now 33 years. I do not think we fall into that statistical study :-) To make the story a bit more unbelievable, I am now 72 and he is 59! He was and continues to be a wonderful and caring step-father to my 3 children now aged 48, 46, and 39. For this marriage and for my children, my grandchildren, and their extended families I give thanks this Thanksgiving.

As I look back on this old photo now, I think we look like brother and sister. Bud is basically bald and I am white haired with a bit of gray here and there.

Quite a while back I posted a few pictures of this swinging bridge at Rockbridge Baths, Virginia, but the photos were taken from the main road through the little township. Last weekend Buddy and I were driving about the county and ended up on a road that happened to run in front of the other side of the bridge. I almost flipped I was so excited. These photos were taken from that side. The ones of me Buddy took, and I took all the rest. These are all SOOC.

These steps are in lots better shape than on the other side. I guess that is not many people ever climb them being that the dirt road is not well known..

The bridge boards over here are better, too. I you remember, the ones on the other side are real scary.

The beautiful white fence goes around 
a wonderful old homeplace.

This red building is the a small storage building next to the Rockbridge Baths Post Office.

You can see the water level is way down...not much movement. It is really pretty this way.

Here is Buddy with the Canon Rebel around his neck but shooting with his iPhone. He will wear those hiking shorts all winter long with Smart Wool leggings under them. He will not wear what I call “normal” clothes. He is an outdoorsman through and through. The hat is a necessity, though, because he is pretty close to being totally bald!

Yep...this is moi about to start out on the wobbly thing. Take note that I have on “normal” clothes for a cold and windy day. No shorts for cap, yes. I am always in a baseball cap, but today I also had on a down jacket. It was cold! Note the look of concern and trepidation on my face. I would rather be on terra firma than out on that bridge.

I did it...but the smile and the happy hand wave are basically fakes. The thing scares me it is so old and shaky.

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Louis la Vache's 
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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Straw Hat ~ Holding Hands

Love The Master’s  and Love Straw Hats

Hold My Hand

Life isn’t a matter of milestones
but of moments.
~Rose F. Kennedy

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nature’s Beauty Is All Around Us

The Fence and Gate That Gene Built ~ Richmond, VA
(Eloise and her mommy are walking to the house.)

View of Sky and Mountains from Bridge over the Maury River at Rockbridge Baths, VA

Our task must be to free ourselves...
by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living things
and the whole of nature and its beauty.
~Albert Einstein

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Hodge Podge of Signs

A Hodge Podge of Signage from the Half Marathon Last Saturday.

 Two Bumper Stickers

 This is where the Roanoke Half Marathon began.

 Somebody was rooting for Frank!

 The elevator at the Ramada Inn where we were staying and where all the after race festivities took place. As we were riding down on our way to go to the race, we heard a loud broadcast saying: “ I am locked in the elevator, and I cannot get the door to open!” Oops...Guess is was someone in the service elevator because we were fine and the door did open for us to exit.

 Sign taped to the door of the 
Ramada Inn.

 After race wine and beer. Bud did not partake, but I had to try the vino.

 Chili and pinto beans with cornbread...Bud did eat these.

This guy has his own little coffee company in Roanoke, and I couldn’t help but think of our Louis LaVache’s "Holy Cow Coffee Company" in California.

No more races until January :-)


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Sunday Walk at Laurel Run ~ Goshen Pass

 Sunday while waiting for a little restaurant to open, Buddy and I walked up Laurel Run at Goshen Pass to see if any color was left. Francisca found a wonderful eBook online so I decided to buy it...
 Getting Out of Auto authored by Bethany Salvon

Take a look at it if you are a beginner like I am, and I think you will be pleased. I used my Canon Rebel XSi in manual mode choosing to focus in on the stream. These are SOOC. I am finding it really hard but need to persevere and keep trying. The photos are all of the little stream twisting, turning, bubbling, and flowing down from the top to where it runs into the Maury River.  It was a gorgeous day to be out in the woods with the camera.
P.S. All criticisms and suggestions are gratefully received.

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