Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cathedral Cafe and Buddy’s Crooked Road 24 Race

The Cathedral Cafe ~ Fayetteville, WV
(Taken just a weekend ago while Bud was running 
the Canary in the Cave trail race)

 Cathedral Cafe

One of Two Large Stained Glass Windows

Cathedral Cafe Sign

Way too chilly to eat outside.

Welcome Sign and Original Doors into Sanctuary

The inside is very, very cozy.

The chalkboard signs are done so creatively.

 Stained Glass from the Inside

The choir upstairs is now  a little consignment/used sales area.

The old wood and the stained glass rectangles 
of these old windows are beautiful.
Fortunately, none of the wood has been painted.
More Chalkboard Signs

  Reflections from the two windows on one of the tables.

All the tables are handprinted like these three.

Children’ Play Area

 The Book Tree

 The Book Shelf
Bud’s Crooked Road Race

Buddy just finished the Crooked Road 24 Hour Race at Rocky Mount, Va, which began Saturday at 8:00A.M. and finished today at 8:00A.M. He slept Friday night and off and on during the race in his old Vibe. It was so cold in there Friday night his Power Bars froze and the windows were covered in frost from his breath.I made him as warm a bed as I could to go with his sleeping bag.These pictures he sent home via iPhone.

During the 24 hours, runners could stop and rest whenever they needed, and there was lots of good food and drink for the 24 hours...soup, pizza, hamburgers, yummy boiled potatoes and lots more. Volunteers manned the course from start to finish.It was at Waid Park on a hybrid figure eight style track/trail. 
Bud took these views for us:

He ran a total of 100K which is 2.4 marathons...I hope I have it straight, because I do not get running distances at all. I’ve asked him so many times trying to make sure I have it correct that I think he is worn out with me :-) I just don’t get it! When he came thru the door at noon, he was hobbling and sounded terrible (sort of mumbling), so he has been sleeping off and on all afternoon. He ran farther than he did last year so is a VERY happy husband, and I’m a VERY happy wife that he was able to break his 2014 record and made it home safely.

A volunteer and another runner were kind enough 
to take these shots on his iPhone for him to have.

50K Completed
Little Sign ~ Long Run

He looks SO happy...maybe he’s just glad it’s finally over.
Done Deal! Little Sign ~ Longer Run

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  1. I must put this on my list of things to see, it looks wonderful and your photos captured it perfectly. I have seen old churches turned into restaurants before in the UK. Thanks for sharing Genie and have a great evening.

  2. I love your cathedral cafe, Genie! My partner is a big runner too but 100K is an incredible distance for Bud! Wow!!

  3. nice,
    love the yellow wall.

  4. Congratulations to your husband! That's quite an accomplishment. He deserves a good sleep. :-)

    The Cathedral Cafe is cute as can be, but it always makes me a bit sad when I see day care centers and coffee shops that were once a spiritual home to a community, preaching the Word of God and filled with voices lifted in praise to our Lord. I'm hoping that the congregation outgrew the building and had to move elsewhere. Nice post. I enjoyed it!

  5. These are very fine pictures! Love the reflection of the window!

  6. You made good use of your time while Buddy was running around the woods trying to find his way home. Great pictures. I think you have your math right. Good going Buddy. That's about 10 times better than I can do these days.

  7. The Cathedral Cafe is so atmospheric. A gem. Love the touches of blue at every turn. And Bud sounds like a trooper, constantly pushing his boundaries. A great post.

  8. Congrats to you husband! That is a long race!
    I love the cute cathedral cafe, you captured it beautifully. Wonderful post, enjoy your week ahead.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. A lot of work has gone into those windows, chairs, tables ...................

    I like them.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: my slowness to comment and visit has been caused by a trip to an island in the Pacific!

  10. Delicious pictures! A charming cafe!

  11. The cafe in wonderful with nice details. Your Bud is a real hero to complete the run in these circumstances.

  12. What a lovely place and that book tree is amazing. That is quite a distance to race!

  13. You and Bud are such great inspirations. Take good care of him!

  14. Hi Genie,

    What a beautiful church; I love the touches of blue.

    I never seen a book tree.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Please consider returning and leaving a comment for me.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Blue Monday!

  15. Love the stained glass windows!
    The Christmas Tree made from books is amazing!
    Have a great week!

  16. Buddy sure does like to run! Beautiful photos of the cafe. I especially like the book tree. :)

  17. what a nice cafe, nice and cosy and lovely to keep warm

  18. My word Genie, Buds energy astounds me. We live in a runners city ... they call Eugene TrackTown USA, but I've never heard of this kind of race! That is beautiful how they've repurposed that chapel... Looks like my kind of place to hang out!

  19. Looks like a good reuse of a beautiful structure. - Margy

  20. Oh, yes! I really like the book tree and I do love the cafe!! My kind of place!! Fun captures for the day, as always, Genie! I do hope your week is off to a great start!! Enjoy!!

  21. Beautiful shots of the place. The strained glass windows are beautiful. I like that book rack.

  22. The reflection of the window in the cafe is a real beauty. 100KM run!!!!!!!! Must be mad.

  23. crazy man, fueled by a running demon. :) i love that cathedral cafe.

  24. i have never seen a book tree. so cool. i wish i had that many books to make one. i bet you could decorate it similar to a normal artificial tree for all holidays. when i get a zillion gillion books i will look into that. ha. ha!! we use to tent camp, then moved to a roadtrek van, sold that & we got a casita to replace it. pull it will a truck. so fun. i want to visit this place, you all see the greatest, most unique places. this is a real keeper. those tables are awesome, the stain glass windows are neat-o!! i love your "mornin' " pic. too funny!! you are too too perfect! have a happy fun week. ( :

  25. The cathedral café is beautiful. Looks like a warm welcome for everyone. Your photos are great.

  26. Congrats on his run. I know some ultra trail runners. I don't think I'll ever be one of them. I have a few more half marathons in me though/

    I love that bookstore/coffee shop/cafe you found.


  27. Lovely photos Genie, thanks for dropping in at my blog today

    Happy Thanksgiving

    much love...

  28. What a cool, cool place! Never seen something like it before. It would be great to visit.

  29. What an awesome cafe - so unique and beautiful. And congratulations to Buddy on a 100km run - I can't even imagine doing that!

  30. I love the cafe and would love to get to go there....glad this is over for Buddy, too...and that he survived, and improved over last year.

  31. That cafe is wonderful! I like how the chalkboard signs use different coloured chalk that complements the stained glass windows.