Thursday, May 5, 2016

5-5-16 ~ Dream and You Can Be Your Own Hero

Today during the all day rainstorm I  put together a bit of stripes and checks...and some solids on the saddle shoes. All the years I was in Catholic school, we wore uniforms and saddle shoes. Those shoes had to be polished each and every night and placed outside the doors to our rooms for Sister to check. If they were not clean enough, we were admonished and had to spend time in the chapel the next day. That's Ok...we learned the importance of rules and the following of them. These definitely would have passed inspection with flying colors. Mine were NEVER this spiffy clean :-) This picture is a collage of different parts taken from the Mischief Circus Cool Kids Set and layered on top of one another. Have you ever dreamt that you were a Queen, a Hero or a Dream Day? I certainly have had lots of Dream/Wish Days. Right now I am dreaming and wishing for NO rain and LOTS of SUN!


  1. Hallo hero, !!!

  2. Love how you created this fantastic page, I hope her dreams come true and you get the sunshine wish. Its good to dream.
    Yvonne xx