Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5-4-16 ~ Where There Is Tea There Is Hope

For ages I have been buying the Mischief Circus digital sets, but I have never tried using them. Today I decided to figure out how to do it, ad it was so simple. Why didn't I try sooner??? This picture is created using a series of layers and work with those layers in PSE. I think what made me experiment was my inner child yelling she wanted me to put these adorable children into some pictures. Now, I cannot wait to play with the other sets that are just sitting here on my computer. This particular one is World`s Greatest Tea Entire kit and it is full of individual items, people, and papers. 


  1. Looks great...waiting to see more of them :-)

  2. This looks very professional, nice done!

  3. so sweet :) my post today features a house that maybe you know something about? i can't find any info on it!

  4. What a lovely little collage...superb work on this I love the texture.