Saturday, May 7, 2016

5-7-16 ~ A Morning at Explorer Park and a Mother’s Day Memory

This morning Bud ran a grim 6 mile mountain race in Roanoke, VA, and it was one of the worst 6 miles of his life. Our Buick has been mysteriously stalling suddenly when stopped at stop lights, but today it decided to quit on this narrow congested dirt road while frustrated runners were honking their cars. We had already put in a new battery, but obviously that was not the problem. Maybe it has to be something with the computer...who knows. We finally got it started, but we were already running a bit late to pick up his stuff before the race started. The whole mess did a job on Buddy mentally and physically, and to add fuel to the fire it was a soaked trail from all the rain. His poor stomach was a mess the entire run which took him a horrible 2 hours to complete while I waited in the car with my sketchbook and the motor running. We were going to go to the big Strawberry Festival in Roanoke afterwards but bagged that for fear we could stall out in downtown traffic.  I did manage to get out and walk about with the Bud's trusty hiker Canon.

(Never have I gotten shots like these on cars. To me, they are magical.)



In Memory of My Mother on Mother’s Day 2016
(from my art journal)

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  1. Like a hoola- ..... P.

  2. Poor Buddy. He didn't need a malfunctioning car on his mind while running a race. These cars today are a headache. I just got mine back from the VW dealer as the key ignition mechanism broke and there was no starting the car. Had to have it towed, then wait 10 days while Hans in The VW factory in Germany made a new ignition that was synchronized with the computer programming of my car. Imagine what that cost!! You'd think they could have hot-wired it for me. They do that in the movies. Oh the days when our cars had a simple coil, condenser and points all interconnected with only two wires.

  3. Hi Genie
    I'm sorry that not everything turned out.
    But the images - the reflections are unique.
    I wish you a sunny, happy day - is with us
    Today Mother.
    Greetings Sadie

  4. The car seems to vanish into the green.

  5. Reflection camouflage! I like it! :-)

  6. Hi Genie - It's been a long time since I've seen a post from you, but saw that you left a comment before my own on Sinbad and I On The Loose. I always comment when John posts a photo of Sinbad. I love the photo of the trees reflected in the car. I hope you're doing well. I'm no longer blogging and don't miss it. I haven't been taking many photos lately either, and if I do they get posted on Facebook and that's the end of it. Happy Mother's day Genie - hoping it's a beautiful day for you!

  7. Pretty flowers, but the reflections on the car are fantastic!
    Hope this week goes well for you both

  8. The car is a work of art with those reflections; I hope the inside of it gets fixed soon. Sorry about Buddy's bad time with the race, it is quite understandable considering what happened before. Better next time!!

  9. I feel for you with the car problems...we have had them often enough ourself. We just had to replace battery in Rav...thankfully it seems to be starting ok now...

  10. Hope your car problems have been fixed by now. Great reflections on those cars, and love your shadow photos. Keep up the good work.