Sunday, April 3, 2016

4-3-16 ~ A View of the Field and Sky behind Highland Belle

Those of you that have know me for ever so long remember how I would stop at this field on my way to school to take photos of the hay bales and the fence day after day. My favorite tree is directly across the road from this. Well, our electric cooperative, BARC, bought the old school where my children went to school, where I taught, and where I walked the track for years while Budud would run and are putting up a solar field. Everything is different now. No lacrosse or soccer field for the children to use in the afternoons and our track is gone. Still, the field behind the building for now is beautiful, and it was such a pretty day I just had to stop, pause, and remember so many days from the past. 


  1. The many impressions of the past shape our lives.
    A great picture dear Genie.
    Greetings from Austria

  2. This is indeed a really great photo. There is much to look at and I am thinking at the same time this would be a lovely painting or sketch.

  3. Beautiful view! Love the round bales!

  4. It really is lovely Genie and yes I do remember it. I have had some troubles commenting lately , and wanted to mention that I saw the birthday shot of your darling Eloise, but my comment disappeared. I feel like I've watched her grow up!