Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016 ~ Tom's Barn Collective ~ BARN ALERT

"It is a happy talent to know how to play."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

 All of today's photos were taken with me hanging out the passenger window, iPhone gripped firmly in hand, and yelling..."Buddy, SLOW DOWN! SLOW DOWN! YOU"RE GOING TOO FAST."

A single white barn I caught on Bud's side of car. This one was taken with me hanging over the dashboard trying to keep rear view mirror out of photo.
 Another BARN ALERT barn with all of todaye photos taken with me hanging out the window with iPhone in hand and yelling..."Buddy, SLOW DAN...SLOW DOWN! Look at all that RED.

This horse trailer belongs to the barn above. I see a green John Deere something.

A New Barn Going Up
I have a hunch this could be a horse barn because this is an area of the county where lots of horse people live and there is even a special riding club out there. The Port-a-John adds such a lovely touch to this picture. I cannot help but giggle.

Close Up of the New Barn

I think these are their horses grazing.

This post from the horse country of Rockbridge County is linked with:
Toms the Back Road's Traveler's  Barn Collective.


  1. We are losing so many of the old barns that it is good to see a new barn being built.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Now Genie after all these years and you don't have Buddy trained yet? Thank goodness that he knew where the brake peddle was. Thanks for sharing this slice of Virginia countryside and please hurry on back.

  3. Laughing at Tom's guys sound like us. I kind of thought the Port-a-john was funny too.

    Trying to get an email written now...

  4. I like that barn! Quite a specimen!

  5. Love the barns esp. The new one is beautiful. Aren't you amazed at the pictures coming out. Please don't fall Out of the car. Slow down Buddy.

  6. Hi Genie
    Thank you for this beautiful landscape images.
    Nice week for you.

  7. Wonderful impressions! Thank you for sharing !

  8. Pretty pictures, especially the New Barn!

  9. Great collection this week. I relate, I relate---slow down, slow down. A lot of that going on yesterday.

  10. I love these photos so much!

  11. Nice! Rockbridge County has some spectacular scenery.

  12. Hello, I am picturing you hanging out the window taking photos and yelling to your hubby to slow down. The barn shots are a must. Great series. Happy Easter, enjoy your new week ahead!