Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#27 ~ Jack in His Maze and Other Snow Scenes

Our World Tuesday at Home

Just a little while ago I walked into the living room, and this poor baby is what I found.
What in the world happened to it?
Maybe it hit the door and then Jack messed with it outside. and brought inside. 
The cat does not ever go out.
I tried to get a picture of the yellow on the head so it would help you all to identify it for me.
This always makes me so sad...but NEVER, has one been brought into the house...
that is saved for the mice that the cat catches at night in the lower cabinets.
Yes....We live in a very OLD farmhouse, and you cannot kill all the mice.

 My Favorite Tree in the Snow

 Hay Bales on the Way Home

Whenever we have a large snow, we build Jack a little maze.
I pretend is the one at Hampton Court.
I have never seen a little dog have such a good time...and his Mommy.

 Oops...Buddy, You dead ended me into a big tree. You need to be more careful. 
I could get hurt.
Get out here, please, and fix it for me. This is my peeing tree, duffus.

 The VA Dep’t of Transportation's big gravel pile.
 You can see that they have been moving up and down.

This is our front yard off to the left f the house. I thought the shadows were so cool.

The big field in front of the house with its shadows.

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  1. Whoa! It seems to be flooding with snow. Great scenes captured.

  2. aw poor little bird...ha, looks like jack enjoys his snow maze! stay warm genie!

  3. Looks like Jack brought you a present. I see you've got lots of snow.

  4. Ah, lovely snow scenes...not sure what the poor bird was

  5. Oh, Genie, when I was a kid, I loved to tramp the woods and fields when there was a big snow. I'd take my dogs and go...and this just reminds me of those times.

    As to the little bird, when Lorelei was about 4, probably close to 5, I was over there and a cardinal hit their window...I quick went and got it, hoping it would revive but it didn't and she just cried.

  6. Our dogs often bring us presents. My Border Collie deposits moles on the front porch. Yuk!

  7. Hope your day is full of sunshine and smiles. Still got snow here in North Idaho...Came in from Biebkribels.
    Coffee is on

  8. The poor bird looks a little wet My guess your sweet doggy brought in a treat. Could it have hit a window and died and the dog found it. I hope you took it outside. Sometimes even though they are dead as a doorknob they come alive again. Now, that would freak you out inside the house. You snow looks beautiful. How are the roads.

  9. Hi Genie
    this Snow scenery is beautiful, I like best is your favorite tree. Trees are very important for me,
    That with the bird - I'm sorry.