Monday, October 21, 2013

West Virginia Trilogy III

Pictures of Bud at the WV Trilogy Run

Before the race getting a bit to eat.

I took this after 2 miles. They did a loop to get warmed up before hitting the real woods. He waved at me and off he went. No time to stop and chat.

Water Break (shot taken by volunteer at check-in station)

Gettin' Warm (shot taken by volunteer at another check-in station)

 Selfie at End of Race

The Trusty Shoes

Shots from the Race Route
(The skies never opened up, but it was still beautiful.)

 Runners' Tents
Many runners stayed in tents in the fields...
lots of them ran all three races...
Not Buddy! One was enough.

Path after Start of Race 

He had to cross several up to his knees. It scares me to death being that he is one of those that never learned to swim.

 It never stopped misting rain...sometimes heavier than others.

 There were many SERIOUS climbs
 with LOTS of slippery rocks to get across.

 He was happy to see this footbridge :-)

 His race color was the red.

 I was driving out after the race started when I spotted this fascinating rock.
 There were rain droplets over all the grass. For some reason this is my favorite shot of all the ones I took around the race site.

This is the road I was driving on and the one the runners ran on. There were several places where there were rubber thingies sticking up. Am assuming that was to help with mud wash and pothole prevention from all the rain.
Serious Fog...

This was taken just a bit farther down the road. 

 This is the one shot Bud took that really made me grin.

He said these horseshoes were in the path at the finish.
What a great idea!

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  1. Buddy must be in super shape. That road looks slippery!

  2. Hi Genie! Excellent photo series! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good for him!! And what a beautiful place!! I'm sure the beauty makes the run a little bit easier!! Terrific captures for the day, Genie!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week -- both of you!!

  4. That is some SERIOUS fog, my goodness. I have friends that are runners, but this looks more like commando school! Well done Bud!

  5. Wow! This was a very interesting and great photo series!

  6. Looks like a beautiful race in spite of the weather. Nice photos.

  7. i cannot imagine running that terrain in the mud and wet weather. good for him, though! i liked that rock shot, too.

  8. Some nice pictures! Excellent scenery in this wonderful career, hard but very beautiful! I wish a good week!

  9. Great shots from the race. This is a good time of the year for it.

  10. What a run that must have been. How slippy it looks underfoot.

  11. Wonderful shots ~ beautiful area and well captured by you ~ thanks, carol ^_^

  12. i love the foot bridge. good times & great exercise. ( :
    happy week!

  13. Beautiful foggy images... must have made the running difficult and slippery... how courageous to keep on through those conditions.

  14. That's quite a run - it looks beautiful despite the weather (and in the foggy shots, because of it).

  15. It's incredibly beautiful country, but it looks like an incredibly grueling run! Amazing.

  16. This looks like quite a serious race and not under the best conditions. It must have been very satisfying for Buddy to complete it!

  17. Boy I admire that man. 31 miles! I can't imagine. This was a very interesting post for me to see being a runner and hiker myself, but no way in the same league as Buddy. I would really like to know what his time was if he doesn't mind. I need all the inspiration I can get just to do a half marathon again after 20 years off. Great post Genie. Thank you.

  18. Wonderful shots from such an unique experience.

  19. I really enjoyed the photos...what a run that must have been.

  20. Those are lovely photos with the fog! The conditions don't look great for running though. Good for Buddy!

  21. Photos so good, kinda like being there without all the sweat n mud. I would not have relished staying in those tents in the field. YUCH -
    Great coverage and one race would have been too much for me in that mess. he,he Congrats to Bud and have a wonderful day :)

  22. Cool Landscapes shots!! Thanks for sharing your experience..

  23. Your Buddy is a real winner at his age to run these distances. Nice to follow him on his route with the photos. A pity the weather was so foggy!

  24. You got cool and calm shots!! the weather looking amazing to race..
    thanks for sharing your photos.

  25. Amazing that he can run in terrains like that. Yes, he has trained well and in good shape. That rock looks like a meteorite. Was it just sitting alone in the field. (Reminds me of those idiots that destroyed the rocks in the National Park) Glad the weather was good. You are a dedicated wife to go along and take the pictures. Glad you aren't working. xo

  26. great shot. But it does not look like a lot of fun to me. :)

  27. I like the foggy shots and the rock and the road - wonderful shots all around Genie!
    I have to say they picked lovely check in stations. They made lovely backdrops for the photos.

  28. Thanks for sharing the whole process of the race. Kudos to him running in foggy rainy weather!

  29. Beautiful scenery Genie, but gosh, looks like a rough terrain for the races.