Sunday, May 12, 2013

In Memory of My Mother ~Mattie Lou Crenshaw Hornot

Mother in Her Sailor Blouse

Mother's Long Hair before She Lost It to Malaria

Mother and Her Sister - Vinings, GA
Aunt Palmer (l) Mattie Lou (R)

College Portrait

Mother's Engagement Picture - Atlanta, GA

My Daddy's Favorite Picture of Mother

Mother and Daddy

Mother and Genie in Palm Beach, Florida - c1939-1940

Mother in Pink

 Mother in Blue
 Mother and Daddy in Our Backyard in Palm Beach, Florida

Our Family c1952.

Genie's Wedding Picture ~ June 1961 ~ Old Hickory, Tennessee
Left to Right
Eugene Marseilles Hornot (Daddy), Marguerite Jett Robinson (Ridgley's Mother), Ridgley King Robinson, Jr., Eugenia Crenshaw Hornot Robinson, Mattie Lou Crenshaw Hornot (Mother), Patricia Crenshaw Hornot Turnage (sister), Herbert Jett (Marguerite's Brother)

I am the only one living from this picture.

The last picture I have of my mother before she died. She was at Noreen McKeen, a Catholic extended care facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. Because she would try to leave to go home every time she saw a chance, she had to be tied to her chair. She was spunky with a mind of her own until the end!

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  1. Dear Genie - What a lovely virtual view of a trip through time with your Mother. I don't have that many photos of my Mom, because she did not like to have her photo taken. These are wonderful, a truly nice memory and I really liked the fact that she was spunky. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. wow, you really do look a bunch like your mother. gorgeous photos. have a happy Mother's Day!! ( :

  3. What a lovely tribute to your mom...and dad too!!!

    My middle name is Eugenia...Is that your first name??? I think we're the only two Eugenia's I've ever known...other than Princess Eugenia in England!!! (I was named after both of my grandfathers)

  4. such a lovely woman she seemed to be. :) Great memories for you.

  5. Love that photo of her in the field with the very long hair. She just looks carefree and happy. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful photos of your mama with all of us... xox Happy Mother's Day!

  6. What a loving and beautiful tribute to your mother. She was a pretty woman, in all her years, and I know that your memories are golden.


  7. His mother was very beautiful, nice old photos!

  8. I believe your mother will be really pleased... I love the old photos...
    they are like a monument. A new monument can't compete with an old one... it's the power of history.

    I wish you a nice week !

  9. Hi there - thanks for the comment - my mothers days focuses on my wife and kids. Lost my own mum over 35 years ago.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. What a nice post, I love all the old photos. It is a nice tribute to a life of a beautiful woman.

  11. Stunning woman and a well told story through pictures. Have a happy day Genie.

  12. What a wonderful collection of photos of your mother. She looks such an interesting character - a person you would want to chat to and discover more about her life. At this moment I am staying with a friend in Wellington and later will be going to West Palm Beach airport to fly to NY.Such a coincidence as I read about your Mum being in West Palm.

  13. Beautiful photos, fantastic charm of memories:) Greetings

  14. Such a lovely post in honor of a lovely woman! (She raised a lovely daughter in you, so that is no surprise.) Your mother led a full life and keeping her spunky personality until the end is no small achievement!

    Liked seeing the pics of you growing up in Florida! What a change.

  15. A lovely tribute to your dear mum, she truly was an amazing lady I'm sure :)

  16. Great memorial post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. Such a beautiful tribute to a very beautiful lady, Genie! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  18. Beautiful woman and a beautiful tribute to your mum, Genie!
    Warm greetings from Holland,
    Anna :))

  19. Great pictures. Love that college portrait!

    I wish I had more photos of my own mother. She passed away when I was fifteen, so I only have those photos that were laying around in her photo albums, and a few snapshots of her from my own childhood.

    A lovely tribute.

  20. What lovely photo memories Genie!

  21. Genie, what a lovely tribute and post on your MOM. Your photos are lovely! Lots of great memories! Have a great evening and week ahead.

  22. A beautiful series ... and tribute to your mum. My favourite is the college shot. I am sure you enjoyed doing this post as much as I did (i did my mum too:)

  23. Wonderful tribute to your beautiful mother. Wish you Happy Mother's Day.

  24. Except for a few special professionals, we seem to have lost the art of portraiture. It's not just that your mum was beautiful, there's something special about the way the photos have been taken which draws that out.

  25. how fast decades pass. my dad was the same, tying to leave the home whenever he could sneak out. tended to streak too. unfunny how the mind goes.

    your mom looks wonderfully happy through the years.

  26. Oh,Genie, I loved seeing all of these. Wonderful that you have all those photos.

  27. Very pretty photos of your mother, she has smiling eyes. Wonderful to have those old photos to look back on.

  28. Eugenia,

    Just saw this. We just had a Gee & Jenson reunion and, as always, your dad was the topic of a lot of discussion.

    We had a website at on which we have included Gene's History of Gee & Jenson.

    Thought you might be interested. If you'd like to contact us, use the contact page.