Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Calm before the Storm ~ "Sandy" ~ 10-28-12

This is looking down from right in front of the house. All looks so calm but very dreary because of the gray sky. The water is trickling along, but the creek is really very low. Once the rains hit us, the water will be well above the apple tree, and we will once again lose some more of our bank and our front yard.

The hoo-doos are standing, but I am afraid it won't be for long. Once Sandy's rains and winds  reach us, it will be another story. Lots and lots of leaves, but very little color is left.

Here is a close up of some of the hoo-doos. Gene and his friend, John, are the kings of hoo-doo building as well as sand castle building. How they balance those rocks on one another I do not know. Now, Eloise is becoming a very fine 7 year old builder. From now on work on them will require high water boots. The water is already getting to be a wee bit cold.

This one will be demolished for sure. These cool ones never survive a rushing creek.

         This is the mess left from the our big wind storm in June. 
A friend of ours who still burns wood in a wood stove for heat came and cut up the major part of the tree which had fallen across the creek, but he left the smaller branches on the bank for us.

Finally, here is what is left of the tree. 
One whole side is gone.
I am wondering if it will be able to stay standing
 if we get 30 mph winds and torrential rains. 
We shall see. Stay tuned.

Now, I am off to the store to stock up on ice and the other necessities.
Hope I haven't waited too long.


  1. those are some fine hoo-doos! be safe, dearie!

  2. Hoo-doos! I saw a bunch along the roadside near Standardsville while we were out for a motorcycle ride yesterday. I was was wondering what they were. How fun.
    Stay safe dear Genie

  3. Excellent stone work and photos. Hurricane Sandy is reaching wide and far. She's expected to to arrive in Ontario by mid week.

  4. The hoo-doos are neat, I hope they survive the storm along with the rest of your property. I would be very happy if our electric stays on! Take care.

  5. Even though it is dark and gray, the landscape reveals a different side of herself.

    The same thing is happening here in Prince Edward County. Dark and wet and Sandy on her way.

  6. Hope that you are preparing. I also hope it isn't as bad as expected. Please take care. We are on the edge. It sounds like you may get lots of heavy wet snow your way.

  7. I've seen hoo-doos but didn't know what they were called.
    I hope the storm isn't as bad as they are predicting. Stay safe!

  8. I hope Sandy doesn't hit you too hard. I just heard on the news that Sandy is heading our way too. Terrible storm!

  9. The hoo-doo's are cool! I like the pops of yellow, too.

    Good luck with the supplies! I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be.

  10. so wonderful hoo-doo's and so beautiful autumn color around it.

    love this place, looks so peaceful and quite.

    Stay safe!!

    I send you my best regards,


  11. Beautiful photos. I hope you will be safe!

  12. I've been watching the Weather Channel most of the day, taking a break for the Packer game of course. It does not look good I'm just dreading the damage that's likely, and the inevitable hardship. I hope you have lots of supplies - batteries! candles! beans! avocados! it takes me a long while to adjust once the power goes out - I keep trying to turn things on. The hardest part is trying to read by candlelight. I just hope people heed the warnings. stay safe Genie.

  13. Beautiful colors ... Nice pictures which make this delicious fall collection. I hope Sandy treat them well. Take care.

  14. What a beautiful creek - good luck with Sandy.

  15. Beautiful photos! Hope you stay safe from Sandy's wrath!

  16. I hope you made it to the store(s) in time to stock up on your necessities for Sandy's arrival.

    Thanks for these wonderful photos.

    I cannot imagine having a creek in my yard. Well, I don't have a yard since I live in an apartment. Love the hoo-doos. I call them cairns. About five minutes drive from my apartment stand several impressive ones in the parking strip in front of a house. Every time I see them, I wonder where in the world the builder found all of the rocks. It's not like yours where the creek surely brings them along to your builders.

  17. Wish you all the best and I hope you will not have so much damage.

  18. Hi Genie - Been away visiting and travelling a lot. Great Photos, not just great - STUNNING - HOW I LOVE INUKSHUK'S. We make our own everywhere we go and leave our mark. I love these photos. May I send them on to my neice?
    lol, Lilly