Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Little Corner of the World ~ DP 10-29-12

I am starting a month long online class this week with Kim Klassen on how to work back and forth between Lightroom3 and Photoshop Elements 10 so I am trying to get ahead of the posting game this weekend. I know nothing about my Lightroom3 so it is going to be tough. Working all day and then coming home to fix supper and then trying to watch the videos and do the assignments is going to be about all I can handle. I will visit y'all as best I can. These well used tools are in my workroom spot where I create my crafts and do my quilting. I use them all as you can tell. The last shot is special because of the "4" and the "6." When my family came to celebrate my 70th birthday at Douthat State Park about 4 years ago, my daughter told me since "70" was so special, I needed "7" presents. She put a number on each. I cannot throw them away because they are some of my special little treasures. It is wonderful how the simplest things can mean so much when they come from your children and grandchildren.

 My light weight I can handle with arthritis in the old hands. 
I am always hammering tacks and nails on which to hang thread and other necessary items.

I use my plyers all the time...especially in wreath making. One of my favorite things to make for gifts are knotted seasonal fabric wreaths.

So many sissors...every size and every variety...even some that belonged to my mother like her old Weiss pinking shears. Quilters and crafters can't ever have enough scissors, tweezers, and those scissors doctors use to pull out stitches. They don't cut, but boy do they lock in on what I am wanting to remove. You name it, and I have it in the pile.

Finally, the wire cutters are one of my most important tools. I finally figured out I was ruining my good scissors trying to cut small wire with them. So many of the things I make require bits and pieces of wire. I think with my crafting, quilting, and photography I am going to have lots of things to do for entertainment when I finally close the door on my 50 year teaching career in June. Oh, happy day :-) It cannot come soon enough to suit me.

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  1. yay :) congratulations on your ecourse with Kim Klassen. I'm thinking of buying RadLab instead of Lightroom. you're going to love her, she is a great tutor. good luck on this adventure, sweetie :) happy week ahead. xxo

  2. You are amazing! I was reading along and stumbled on the "50 years of teaching" - wow! You have so many interests that you will be quite busy... always! I am impressed with your editing prowess and studies.

    Confession: I have Lightroom and have not installed it yet. I need to get busy!


  3. It seems to me that you're going to accomplish all that you've set out to do. For certain.

  4. Gripping! Well at least the pliers!


    Stewart M - Australia

  5. you managed to make them look interesting. :) Nice work. Hope your back is good again.

  6. that comment!! Love your tool shots Genie ~ and we are so impressed that you are taking Kim's class...we hope that someday we can try one of them ~ we've heard so many wonderful things about them!

  7. Fantastic photos ~ Wow! You are amazing ~ a real role model for me ~ (A Creative Harbor) artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  8. Amazing tool shots! And you must tell us more about the course later. I think I'll join a Kim Klassen course next year. Have a nice week.