Monday, October 29, 2012

Memories of Last Year's Halloween

I was looking through my Halloween pictures, and up popped this one from last year. I posted it then, but I just HAD to post it again it is so cute. Leave it up to my Gene and Eloise to pull this one off. I am wondering what they will come up with year to top it. Here's hoping "Sandy" does not hit Richmond with such rain and wind that Halloween has to be postponed or cancelled. 

SANDY UPDATE: Only rain last night. No 60 mph gusts so school is session today. Now the weather gurus say the bad stuff is coming late this afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow. We shall see. At least we are prepared. Hope all of you in the northeast - coastal and interior areas/states - are OK and safe. I am thinking of you. 


  1. Glad things are okay so far. Are you in the snow zone.
    I love this picture. How did you edit it to get that kind of color.
    Stay safe.

  2. I love it when costumes are made up -this is an ingenious pair! Hope you all get through that super storm safely!

  3. Cute photo, Genie!

    Sandy is on it's way here. We often miss the storms that travel up the coast, but this one is headed straight for Toronto. I had hoped the weather would be completely wrong about that...but it looks like southwestern Ontario is already being hammered. Only rain here, so far.

  4. Too cute for words. What a great Dad and I love this photo :)
    Made me SMILE :)