Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday Morning Walk after Our First Snow ~ October 29, 2011

A Saturday Morning Walk
The sun was sending its rays down onto the road. The snow had already was pretty much gone...only posture left.
Do you see the dog crossing it?


Here are a few more shots from last Saturday morning’s walk.

One of the dirt roads running off of our main road 
and down to the creek. These gravely one have more snow on them than the ones that are used all the time.

When we are walking the road, 
we walk alongside Kerrs Creek.

As we are hoofing it up and down the road, this is one of the views we have of Big House and Little House Mts. 

Finally, here is a single leaf floating atop the water left from the snow in the middle of the road in front of me.

"There is no season such delight can bring
As summer, autumn, winter and the spring."
~William Browne

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  1. The early snowfall is the talk of the nation. I like a light snowfall like this, not what they had farther north which has brought such inconvenience.

  2. Beautiful photos. It is a lovely place to walk and breathe in the beauty of nature. However I don't see the dog!??

  3. What beautiful pictures! My favorite is the first one, and yes - I do see the dog!

  4. Delightful Genie! I particularly like the dirt track with snow, in colour, very pretty.

  5. Boy, the snow fall in the east has been all they've talked about on the news!! It does look like a mess! I do love your photos and what a difference! Wow! Hope it's not causing you too much trouble! Take care, stay warm and have a great week, Genie!


  6. I see what you mean about the dog now. I was looking for a real one! LOL I have given away oodles of clothing to the goodwill but am now looking to sell my most expensive items of clothing that I didn't want to get rid of. If I raise money and give it to missions, I will feel better about clearing out the closet. Thank you for your visit.

  7. I was thinking of the snow those in the east are having to put up with while I stood outside in summer-like weather (mid 80's) here in northern California. It's all so strange. Beautiful pictures.

  8. Wow - the rays of light in that first shot are spectacular!

  9. Saw the white poodle haring it across your road. Too early for snow: I am not accepting it yet. [As if I have a say in it }
    Love seeing your immediate surroundings.

  10. Lovely clowns and a wonderful walk! And fabulous shots! My favourite is the one with the colorful reflections of the trees in the water! Sooo beautiful!
    I hadn't seen the dog either! Fortunately I read Joyful's comment and now I can see it;o)

    Hope you are having a nice and happy week, Genie****

  11. Beautiful photos, I love the color shots. I missed seeing the dog, I guess it was foggy?

  12. I love that autumn light in the first photo. It is so special, you only see it this time of the year. We have the same season here.

  13. Oh, did you have snowfall already? These photos took my breath away - the unmelted snow, colored leaves, mist, and the light create a magical world. Yes, I see a white snow dog running through the road - lovely.

  14. A charming Halloween card!
    The morning walk in that light - first picture is just stunning!
    I stopped for a long while in front of that picture :)
    Have a great week Genie!

  15. Hey Genie: How odd to see cars driving aboot town with 5-6 inches of snow on their roofs in October. Golly, we have had dustings of snow in and maybe 1 inch, but this time we got er full. All gone now and melted for the little goblins to run about last night.
    I really like the colours of Autumn in your photo and the lonely leaf in the middle of the road.
    Have a great day - its only -10 here today :).....and SUNNY

  16. Genie, these are wonderful.
    I just love your Two Favorite Clowns!
    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

  17. No snow for us (yet.) Maybe tomorrow. Looks like you had a nice walk in the new snow. :)

  18. Can you believe you had snow before we did here in Central Ontario? Incredible!

  19. I love them all!!! my fave is Gene and Eloise, of course. happy day Genie.

  20. Looks like your family had a fun time celebrating Halloween! Ha, a whoopee cushion! Did it make noise? I really like your 2nd photo with all sunshine streaming through the trees.

  21. Wonderful shot of your family and beautiful shots of your early wintry looking world.

  22. Some lovely shots there, I hope we don't get too much snow, we have had early snow forecast which is unusual for us, it normally doesn't arrive until after Christmas.