Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunrise at the Beach

I have decided to follow Claudia’s lead over at “Through a Lens Daily” and begin posting a picture each day.  It’s been a desire of mine to do something like this for a long time, but I simply lacked the nerve and the self confidence to do it.  Thank you, Claudia, for coming up with the concept. Reading your blog has convinced me I can really do picture, one day at a time. 

Here is a sunrise I experienced near Virginia Beach, VA, when our family was all together for a wonderful reunion just a few weeks ago.  I was the only one who would get up very early each morning to see the sunrises, and this one was my favorite. It was taken on the automatic setting using the EFS 18-55mm lens. The only modification I made was a small crop.


  1. This photo is just gorgeous, Genie! I'm so glad you went ahead and took the plunge. I'm a little jealous of your camera...which is my dream camera! Someday...


  2. You can't go wrong with a sunrise!

  3. Fabulous ... just love the yellow, orange and faint purple hues!