Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Story Behind the Story - The Beginning

My obsession with picture taking began back when I gave birth to my first child 47 years ago.  Actually, I have memories of taking photos way back before that with my old Brownie camera when I was in high school...and that was a long time ago. I have always had this fear of forgetting as I aged, so in my mind my pictures would be the way for my children and grandchildren to jog my memory. As my three children grew older they began despising having their photos taken, but I persevered clicking away day after day and visit after visit. NOW, I have box after box of old photos for future use. The children’s father was a photographer during Korea, so he was always taking pictures, too.  From the beginning we had Canons, and to this day we all still have them...actually two of my three adult children have Canon Rebels. I’ve always loved taking pictures, and thought I was through and had passed it on to my son and daughter...but it didn’t work.  My addiction was just too serious after so much time. Loving family, hiking, nature, and in particular, flowers and birds, I have kept on clicking and clicking.

Year before last I was the sponsor of our middle school yearbook and had my first opportunity to use a Canon EOS Rebel XSi. Before that I had only owned Canon point and shoots. Wow! What an experience that was! I always used the automatic setting, but it was wonderful.

Being 71, and the yearbook taking so much time to put together, last year I passed the sponsorship to a younger teacher. Well, I thought it was a great idea and timewise it was, but the bad part was I went through a hugh “camera withdrawal” having to revert back to my old point and shoot Canons. Finally, about 6 months ago and after much deliberation and research, I decided to treat myself to that same Rebel camera I’d had in ’08-’09 which came with a Canon EFS 18-55mm lens. I was happy with it until I started following my daughter’s Flickr Pokety Patch site which sent me over the edge.  I immediately wanted to good telephoto lens and a 50mm lens. I went out on a limb and ordered a refurbished Canon  EFS 55-250mm  and a new Canon 50mm. I am so happy I took the bull by the horns and just went ahead and got what I really wanted.  I have to thank my son, Gene, also a photographer, for pushing to take the big plunge. Sometime you have just got  to listen to your adult children when you get as old as I am!

So here I am beginning a new chapter of my life...learning to be a senior citizen photographer. I’m reading and studying trying to teach myself how to use my camera and its lenses so I can get the most from them. It is going slowly and at times it’s very frustrating because there is so much trial and error, but in time I hope to grow and improve. This blog is my way of documenting my journey from mom just snapping pictures of her children and grandchildren to an older woman photographing life and nature in all of its glory.

Here is the yearbook that started my love affair with the Canon Rebel XSi. This cover shot was taken by my nephew, Jeremy Leadbetter of Andre Studio, a professional photographer who studied under  the one and only Sally Mann of Lexington, VA, from the roof of our school.

Let The Journey Begin!

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  1. How exciting, Genie! I'm now a follower of your new blog because I'm so looking forward to seeing all your shots. I just know you will produce some wonderful photos on great topics.

    You asked a while back what camera I use ... first, apologies for not answering sooner. My computer had an 'episode' and had to go in for some surgery ... luckily it didn't actually die, so I'm back online now.

    Anyway, my camera is an old Canon Powershot S2 IS. I've had it for around five years now and it's nothing flash. It does take macro shots fairly well and has all the usual functions such as movie, landscape shots etc. but that's it! It's been very reliable and has produced some great shots over the years ... so if I was to get another camera, I think it would have to be another Canon.