Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 ~ Snider Farm For Sale

My eldest son - now 50 - grew up spending lots of time in this homeplace with one of his best friend who later went into the Coast Guard. It is the prettiest old home, but it was way too big for Mom and Dad once the children were gone. A number of years back they built a smaller one story home on some of their land. Today I thought I would drive up their road on my way from the grocery store, but was saddened to see the For Sale sign in the front yard. I know as we gown older things change, but there is something so secure about them remaining the way we have known them through the years. I stopped in the driveway and went all around taking pictures because I want to send them to my son. So this is My World on Tuesday for this week. A world that is changing and moving forward. It was a very cloudy and overcast day, but for some reason it was conducive to taking pictures with my iPhone.

The Snider Homeplace

The Old Chimney on Side of Home
I love the curved top on it and the old, old brick.

Barn to the Side of the Home

Small Outbuilding beside Home

 This looks like a real treasure of their old farm machinery, but I have no idea what it is. Shaver makes me think of lumber and I do see shavings around it. I am sure they have timber on their land.

Another Barn Located in the Side Field to the Right

The Mountain View from the Side Field

 This field is right behind the home and abuts the property where they have built their new home. Whatever this structure was, it is gone now.

 This is their new home. I just pulled off the side of the road and took this picture out my window. The land with the old homeplace is located in the opposite direction from the sign and around the curve on the left. Mrs. Snider and I taught school together, and in addition to farming Mr. Snider was on the Board of Supervisors for our Kerrs Creek District of Rockbridge County.

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  1. i came here to answer your ?'s we loved Washington & Oregon, they were very similar to VA we thought. loved the coast over there. totally awesome!! could for sure live there, now please. can't wait to get out there again, maybe one day??! fingers crossed!! // have a great week. ( :

  2. What a beautiful home in a wonderful setting. All the homes I grew up in, they are all ghettos now. In fact, I'd me taking my life in my hands to go visit my childhood homes and try to get a picture. And that is how southern California is today.

  3. sweet homestead. bless those folks.

  4. That is a very big and nice place. For two people it is difficult to maintain such a place.


  5. Times change and we move on ... but .... I know your son especially will appreciate the pictures and memories. Our daughter turned 56 today -- how does that happen anyway?

  6. Lovely farmhouse. I hope they find the perfect family. It is sad when things change. Have a good week. Hugs

  7. I really enjoyed these, Genie. Loved seeing more of your world. I can imagine how you feel with this place changing hands...and I bet your son will hate that it is going to be sold.

  8. Thanks Genie, that you always sharing these great photos with us. They are just fantastic, I look forward to it every day.
    best regards

  9. What beautiful house filled with memories. All is changing and we are moving forward but looking at the state of the world I get the impression that we are moving backward.

  10. Yes, times are changing and so the residents of the houses. It looks a very pretty house and hope it will be sold soon.

  11. I hope someone who loves the country buys it. It has such a nice setting.

  12. Maybe a family with children will buy it. I do hope so!

  13. Beautiful photos and I bet a lot of fond memories go with them ~ Change is not always easy but I find it is the memories that we cherish ~ Be well, be happy ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  14. I enjoyed looking at your photos! Such a beautiful homestead and property!

  15. I love to photograph old places like this. I recently explored an abandoned homestead in the neighborhood and got some good shots.