Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 ~ My 77th and Big Snow #2

In past years, Eloise’s family, a friend of ours, and Bud and I have gone out to Dothan State Park and rented a big cabin for my birthday weekend. Well, this year for #77, we decided to stay here at the Homeplace, and what a fine decision that was considering the frigid weather we had. It was way too cold and windy to do any hiking or anything else outside. Here are some the posters Eloise has made for me thru the years. You can tell the first was quite a while ago. Also, she has changed my name several time... from Baga, to Lady Baga, to Bags. The Lady Baga is the one that really cracks me up.

The girls created the table. Eloise made the napkin holders from toilet paper rollers I cut into sections several years back painting them and then giving them a good dose of Modge Podge, and, and she made the name place “creations” from foam pieces you can get at Wally World. Take note of the HOT sauce. Both of my sons cannot eat anything with HOT sauce...and Mom cannot even take spices that are the least bit warm. 

 As all of you know, I am not afraid to poke fun at myself .
I thought this was a pretty funny one.

 The girls are sketching and watching/listening to the TV.

 Those poor girls. A love three day weekend,
 and then there comes the homework. UGH!

 Finally, we have the fearsome threesome in our hats. 
This has to be my favorite picture of the weekend even if I did not clean it up in Photoshop. Other than cropping, it is truly SOC!


Then the snow started, and there was a mad departure for Richmond a day early. Going over the mountain at Afton, VA, is not something anyone in their right mind wants to do in snow, sleet, ice, or high winds. They made it back uneventfully, thank goodness.Here are the pictures I tool today after it snowing all night and day, We got 9 inches and now it i all crunchy and icy.

I only left the house long enough to get these photos.
It was way too cold and snowy to be outside for more than five minutes.

The barn and outbuilding are still standing.
Each time we get a heavy snow, I fear a roof falling in.

These tracks are from Buddy with his two sticks 
hobbling across to get up hill to his car.
He had to go to work today... before they scraped the road.

This is when the creek looks the prettiest.
It’s a shame it’s too cold to sit down there and enjoy it.

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  1. What a loving and fun post ~ You and your granddaughters are a treasure! And wonderful wintry photos besides ~ very creative ~ It is very cold in MA and snowing at the moment then sleet and who knows what else ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  2. Happy 77th! You earned your stripes:) Great of the girls to decorate the table (and snap the pics!). Beautiful snowy landscapes:)

  3. Well Happy Birthday!!! It looks like you had a good one.

  4. That is a really cool birthday celebration with the family.

  5. Happy Birthday. I have a little something for you if I ever get out of the house. I have been under the weather for over 2 weeks. Nothing serious just not well. Love all the snowy pictures and the threesome hat picture. HUgs and Happy Birthday.

  6. I did think of you off and on all weekend...but figured you were busy....I am glad you got to see your Eloise...and Sage. The three of you look sooo happy!

  7. Happy Birthday :) Very nice pictures!

  8. you are the grandma of the world!
    Herzlich Pippa

  9. ¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸Happy Birthday To You¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸

  10. Congratulations with your 77th birthday. That looks like you had a very happy day with your family.

  11. Wonderful pictures. Must have been a great day with your grandchildren.

  12. Happy, happy birthday Genie, or should I say Lady Baga, j'adore! You definitely made the right decide to stay at Homeplace for your birthday weekend that weather looks wicked cold :) How pretty the girls made the table, methinks they are learning much from their dear Baga!

  13. Happy Birthday!
    Love the hat photo!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Lady B!! I think that's a perfect name for you. so much fun.

  15. Oh, congratulations! Looks like a fun time!