Saturday, January 23, 2016

#22 ~ A Cow Critter and a Snow Genie

"In seed-time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”
~William Blake

The Start of the Snow 1-21-16. The sky is still blue.
The blue sky is still showing.

Sorry about the fence post. I cropped it so you could see the cow better

The Skies are clouding up...big snow on its way.

The snow is coming down. This is the creek in front of the house.  1-22-16
A few hoodoos are left from the summer and fall.

Another shot of the creek. 1-22-16

Now, here is how an old lady makes a Snow Genie ::-)
These were taken this morning by Buddy. It snowed all day yesterday, all last night, 
and all morning today. Now it seems to have moved on...thank goodness.
I will post photos of the barn tomorrow for Tom’s Barn Collective.
These were taken today - 1-23-1

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.
(I am already there, and I am 76.)

                 OK...Do I really want to go through with this. When Eloise and I did it when she was 5,
                                          that was five years ago. I am now five years older.


With multiple  ayers of SmartWool long john bottoms, 3 tops plus the parka,2 hats
and heavy duty boots with two pair of wool socks...
I was warm.

How do I get out of this cold stuff?

OK, Stupid....CRAWL to the walkway Buddy shoveled.

I finally made it! Thanks for all the help Jack.

The broom handle saved my life. I was able to pull up. 
Bud was long gone shoveling The Bridge to Somewhere
so was nowhere around to bail me out of a rock and a snowy place.

“Deep meaning lies often in childish play.

~Johann Friedrich von Schiller

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  1. The snow looks incredible - but I'm glad we didn't get any! ;-)

  2. That looks like such fun! Struggling back up is the WORST part of lying down!

    Love your black and white of the snowy creek.

  3. Hello Genie, love the cute cow and your doggie. We are still having snow 18 inches or more now. I would have trouble getting back up after making the snow angel. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Go Genie Go! You are my hero and inspiration!

  5. If everyone would be as you, there would be no sorrow in the world!
    Herzlich Pippa

  6. Beautiful photos! Can't stop the snow so you might as well have fun!

  7. Wow! I hope you like snow! You GO, girl!!! A cold cow and cold pup....
    Happy Critter Day!

  8. you look like you are having a ball in the snow, we have yet to have a time where the snow is stop, it is so windy, figure we will clean the drive some other day. it is nuts out there. ( :
    love the river & hay shot, that is so cool. happy weekend, Genie!

  9. at 76 you are wonderful to be able to get up from the snow!!! Lovely series of fun shots

  10. Hi Genie
    Beautiful snow photos!!
    I admire you, that you're dropping here in this snow - great.
    Maybe it's Kneippen, a cure of Father Kneipp, cold should be very healthy
    Happy Sunday to you.

  11. Ha, ha, you had a lot of fun, feeling like 6 years old again!

  12. You have such a lovely positive attitude, Genie! You are having fun in the snow!

  13. Oh my goodness! That snow almost covered you up!

  14. Fun captures! I love the view of the creek.

  15. I would not have been brave enough to get down...and if I had, I would for sure have made Roger stay near. What I want to know is what did Eloise have to say? And did she get a lot of snow?

  16. I love that you aren't afraid to indulge in "childish play" and the fact that you are old enough to read fairy tales again. I'm the same age as you but I don't think I ever outgrew them -- (whatever that says about me.) I might even be able to make a snow angel if I were dressed as warm as you were. Maybe. Fun post.

  17. Beautiful snowy images. It looks like you had a lot of fun playing in the snow!