Sunday, January 24, 2016

#23 ~ Our Barn and Homeplace in the Snow of January 2016

Yep...This is our old barn.
The front of it.

I have told Tom many times how much I like the editing he does with his barn pictures. well, today we emailed me with 2 edits he had done for me. I asked if it would be OK with him if I posted him, and he said it was fine, I think they turned out so pretty. The other one is further down the page with the picture of our house.

The back of it.

The Chicken House Door
We are getting ready to put up a new fence and get us some chickens.
We have missed our fresh eggs so much over the years. They have a happy nice sized home inside the barn and are not cramped at all.

These are “horse” stalls, but our pony, Pretzil lived out in one of our fenced in cow fields. Somehow he got the gate open or something because our baby decided after a bad ice and snow storm to wander into the creek we guess to get a drink of water. This happened around 35 years ago, so I do not remember all the details. Well, that was the end of our pet. When we got up the next morning Pretzel was upside down stiff as a board, and we had to call a farmer neighbor a with one of those pusher thingies - I think it is called a back hoe - to pick it up and take it to the happy hunting ground for ponies. It was so sad we have never gotten another one.The children were devastated.

This was the goat house for Rosebud and Sagebrush. They were very naught goats and would devour our garden. We finally gave them away to some neighbors. This is now used for extra building materials left over from the two bathrooms.

 This is the garage for the old Model A or T or whatever car that came after the horse and buggy we have pictures of out in front of the house.
It is my favorite thing on the property.

This side view of the barn had a tree growing out of this window.
We did cut it down years ago :-)

Our one outbuilding....our only storage. No usable attic and no basement...and one closet.We have got to do some work on that roof over the shed part. It does not look this bad when it is not covered in heavy snow, but it is need of some serious work.

Bud and Jack shoveling the Bridge to Somewhere.

A Snow covered Bridge to Somewhere
Yes, we lost a tree. 

Our neighbor from across the road plowing us out. 
He does this every time we get a bad storm and refuses to take a dime. 
We have begged him to take something, but he always says “NO! 
He is also the mailman and a very good neighbor and friend.

Our creek as pretty as it gets.

The Homeplace
It does look pretty in the snow.
The addition there on the left is a handicapped bathroom just in case I need it.
My son, Gene...Eloise’s daddy...designed it for us.

Here is the other picture that Tom edited for me. It looks SO good.

Icicles on the bay window in our living room.

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  1. Genie, I have loved seeing where you live! Such a pretty area. I did not know you had a barn!

  2. What a beautiful place you have. I don't remember seeing it in any weather before. It sure does look cold though.

  3. Well farmer Genie, who knew? Thanks for sharing this tour of the farmstead with us this week. I once found a sign that said "Welcome to Somewhere" which was really out in the middle of "Nowhere." I love your spadder paint snow shots. I hope to see more from your neck of the woods.

  4. Gorgeous shots and so many interesting buildings, Genie! Your house looks lovely!

  5. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing your photos. The bay window with the icicles is my favorite. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  6. This was so enjoyable to see. I hope you re-do this tour in the spring so we can see it all with a backdrop of greenery. I think your neighbor just enjoys playing on the tractor so much he'd feel guilty taking anything for having fun. Maybe you can pass some of those upcoming eggs on to him.

  7. I do like what he did...not so far edited that they don't look real. Very, very nice. I always love his shots, too.

  8. Great barn and you have a beautiful house! Looks very nice with the snow!

  9. I love your home. It looks big. To have a bathroom in case you need one is a good idea. You got so much snow. It's beautiful. Love the edits. Xo

  10. I will send a 5l thermo bottle with fine warm tea!
    Herzlich Pippa

  11. The house looks beautiful in the snow, it looks really cold overthere with the icicles.
    A sad story about the Pony.

  12. Thanks, Genie. It was fun to see all the buildings on your property. Sad story about your pony, though. What a great neighbour you have to plow you out! Some peolpe are just plain wonderful!!

  13. I love this post. Every bit of it.

  14. I grew up on a farm in Middle Illinois. I LOVE old barns, and your photos are all so beautiful in the snow. Thank you for sharing!

  15. What a lovely series of images! It will be nice to have chickens again. There's nothing like your own fresh eggs.