Friday, October 9, 2015

WV Trilogy 2015 ~ Part 1

 Spruce Knob Mountain Center
Circleville, WV

If  you are interested in reading about "The Mountain Institute", a non-profit organization with a commitment to education, conservation,and community development in the oldest mountain range in the world, go to

 Late afternoon sky...10-8-15.  We arrived about 4:30.

 Late afternoon sky above the main urt where all the business of the institute goes on,
 and where we have race meetings and eat our meals. It is where I go to wait on him :-)
It is the only area where there is wifi for the participants to use.

The sunset was beautiful.

Here it is getting a bit darker.

And finally... that last little bit of a red glow.

This is the first bit of sky we saw looking up through the circle in the roof 
of our yurt ceiling. You definitely do not sleep in late with all of this light coming in your room.

Today it is is pouring rain...actually a torrential downpour. Poor Bud. 
He must be miserable. This is a tough marathon, and he is trying to run it after months of treatments on the bad hip. We shall see. I’ve got my fingers crossed. For the first time, I did not go with him for the start of the race, but here he is ready to leave the yurt for 10 hours of running. I hope he makes it.

OK, Genie...I’m ready to hit the trail.



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  1. I have never been inside a yurt so this post is fascinating to me!

  2. The view through the Yurt skylight must be wonderful on a clear starry night.
    Runners are a special breed of person, hope all went well for him.

  3. I hope things went well for Bud!

  4. Interesting photos, it's new for me.
    And the sky is lovely !

  5. What a challenge 10 hours run! Hope he will make it.

  6. Wow - good luck to him. I feel good after a couple of hours of hiking!

  7. Good looking building and sky.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. How fun. I hope the race went okay. How long are you staying there.

  9. Oops I should have started at the beginning instead of scrolling back as I catch up. But now I know there was a happy ending and Buddy made it . This is really good and boy did he recover well! It's nice that you have such a comfy place to wait and use internet etc.