Thursday, December 5, 2013

Canary in the Cave Run

Canary in the Cave 25K + Trail Run ~ Fayetteville, WV
(The Run Was Approximately 18 Miles)

Bud fired off this picture to let me know he was closing in on the finish...
I thought...

"Buddy....I am tired of waiting....where are you? You went me a photo of the "one more mile to go” sign ages ago, but you’re still NOT here..."

Buddy Crossing the Finish Line 

In all races someone comes in FIRST and then someone has the memorable honor of coming in LAST. Well, that was my Buddy. They cut it off after him so all the remaining runners behind were disqualified. He would make LOTS better time if he would leave that darn iPhone in his pocket instead of stopping all along the way to take pictures. He had a great time. The WV sponsored runs are so nice, and we love the people sponsoring them. 

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  1. Hey I taked lots of pictures when I run. Buddy and I both would probably win the races if we just went ahead and ran them but we wouldn't have near as much fun.

    You are a good and loyal wife. Heather hasn't gone to one of my races in 20 years. I don't blame her. Watching other people cross the finish line and then puke is no fun.

  2. yay buddy...and i'm laughing about him taking pictures along the way :) hope you had a super thanksgiving miss genie!!

  3. you make me smile. ( :
    love your pink hat. nice seeing you in bloggy land. big big hugs.

  4. Looks like it was a good day and definitely not HOT - ha,ha I am laughing at your photo "Buddy where are you"?? Yep, hes gotta stop taking photos and get on with the race. Nice finish Buddy :)

  5. Pretty amazing these runs that your husband does! Don't think I could run around the block. You looked pretty good waiting too!

  6. Maybe I need to try Buddy's technique and take pictures along the way. I tend to go too fast and cannot do the distance. So what do you do to past the time while you wait?

  7. at least he enjoys himself along the way. :)

  8. haha, so he's not particularly competitive, eh?!

  9. I'd say that he has the right attitude- enjoy yourself in the journey to the finish line...good for him!

  10. Good for your sweet Buddy! I for one am glad he takes pictures because those you've shared that he takes are always are good and interesting to see what he sees (I can't imagine doing what he does.)