Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reflections from Sequim, WA

 Boat on Sequim Bay in Late Afternoon

The Dock Next Door to Our Little Boathouse

Now, for some silliness. I refuse to be outdone by my two sons so when the 47 year old one said he was going to take the Polar Plunge, I said I was going to do it, too. Well, I went to put on my bathing suit, but when I came out there he was in a WETSUIT! He thought he had pulled one over on me. I think not! Only after much twisting, pulling, and old lady contortions was I able to get the thing on me and zipped up. 
Still, we needed a bit of fortification. 
No shortage of fortification material

He led the way.

I followed!

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  1. you make me laugh! :)

    i LOVE the 2nd photo. so glassy!

  2. Hahahaha you make my day! ^_^ Like your shots! Happy weekend!

    Kim, USA

  3. Your reflections are wonderful. Love seeing a family having fun together.

  4. You are brave - I do not want to do a polar plunge.

  5. You find lovely reflection for the week with those boat picture, and you make me smile with your challenge with your son... He tried to trick you, but you are far to courageous to loose !!! Well done !

  6. Love the shot of the boat! I've never done the Polar Plunge, but I have friends who've done it.

  7. I like how the water is so quiet that reflections are almost perfect.ButI also think you and your son are courageous, 'cause water seems to be.. COLD!Ü

  8. Ah, good for you. I'd of let him win this one.