Saturday, April 28, 2012

Footbridge at Park ~ Waynesboro,VA

Today Buddy ran in a half marathon between Waynesboro, VA, and Stuarts Draft, VA. I took these pictures while we were waiting for the race to begin. They are of the footbridge over the water so people can get from one side to the other. While the Star Spangled Banner was being played, I thought the flags looked more beautiful than usual...the red especially. Once the “starting horn” went off I took this photo.

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  1. That covered bridge looks pretty!

    My Shadows. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I really like that bridge, the modern steel structure with the wood planking has the feel of centuries before with the stout steel feeling safe...the rough hewn fences are wonderful, looking so much like the classic split rail - the way fences were supposed to be built (until the advent of steel and vinyl). Something lost from the past...great post!

  3. Hi Genie
    This looks like such a wonderful vintage, rustic bridge. It must be a favorite place to photograph!

  4. Great footbridge and terrific shadow shots for the day, Genie. Love your composition! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!


  5. I really like the shot looking down through the bridge. They're all good, though!

  6. I love how you captured the flag! Thank you for visiting!

  7. Love the perspectives and the color effect. Makes me long to cross over that bridge myself.

  8. Those wooden bridges are far more interesting than the big iron ones. The photos are lovely.
    I see that you also have coffee from "Louis" !
    Have a great Sunday.

  9. A delightful, cute little footbridge! Especially love the view of it in the second photo highlighting its structure!

  10. i think you are on the top of your mountain! your photos are perfect and so beautiful :)

  11. the second pic is great with the shadows of the bridge ....

  12. Ummmmm, you say "Bud and I"....I had to do a double take there since my hubby is nicknamed Bud also. LOL

    Love the bridge fact, just plain love the bridge.

    Happy Sunday...hope your week treats you well.

  13. Interesting that it's so enclosed. Do they worry about people jumping or something?

  14. What a charming bridge this is Genie, and I am impressed if you are running in a marathon. WOW!

  15. genie~. your shadow shot is wonderful on this bridge. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. the elderly are wonderful so full of would be amazing if you could write things down for them-what a wonderful gift!!

    just BE.

  16. I have definately seen a huge change in your photography over the months. Great shadow shots and love the flags. Makes my heart warm.
    Lets see some shots of Buddy in marathon - hope you captured some.

  17. Beautiful shadow-y shots. You are right, the flag was looks extra vibrant.
    Nice job.

  18. You've captured some lovely bridges while waiting for the race to start!

  19. Congratulations to Buddy!
    That is no easy feat.
    This little footbridge is wonderful Genie.
    Wising you a beautiful day ahead!

  20. Always love a footbridge.Reminded me of some old photos I have

  21. Nice bridge and I've never seen the flag looking better. Of course, it always looks good, in my book.