Friday, November 4, 2011

A Macro Weekend in Black and White and Color ~ 11-4-11

My Eloise a Long Time Ago
I took this picture of my 6 year old Eloise when she was just a little over a month old. It has to be one of my favorite shots of all time. I was babysitting her, and I just HAD to get a picture of her tiny foot with all of it beautiful little wrinkles.  

My plan was a to compare it to mine, but as you can see I never got that far. Then tonight I decided to upload two recent photos of Eloise and me, but they would not upload to Blogger. For 2 hours I worked to no avail. Plus, the hard drive on my MacBook Pro is very ill and is going to have to be replaced by AppleCare. Thank heavens we have our big iMac. I may be out of commission again for a while. This is getting to be very frustrating.

"Babies are such a nice way to start people.”
 ~Don Herrold

For those of you interested in seeing the color shot, here it is. For some reason, I just love the combination of colors in this one.

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  1. Wonderful shot, I understand why this is your is your favorite..;D Hope your Mac gets well again...

  2. Soooo sweeeeet! Sorry to hear about your computer woes, Genie... it sure would frustrate me to no end, too!

  3. Love them both. Each has its own beauty...

    Hope your Mac will recover soon, Genie

  4. oh so cute...i like both colored and b/w but more of the b/w. thanks for the visit anyway. :D

  5. Computer troubles are the pits! We get so dependent on them, and then they misbehave. It's devastating!
    I love your baby-foot shot.

  6. I wish I had thought to take Lorelei's wonderful to have this. People always take hands...

    My laptop is being all screwy lately, really puts the damper on visiting blogs when every time you want to go some where, you click and it does nothing for a few seconds, then the screen goes white, then the page will reappear and usually can click and actually proceed.

    And I always have computers that take forever if I reboot them....picture gnashing of teeth here. LOL

  7. I think both shots are great. It is good in both versions. And I see why you love it. She has long toes. My daughter had short ones, her feet looking like small tiny balls. :)

  8. There is nothing more beautiful than baby feet. You have captured this beautifully. B

  9. Great shot. I think I actually like the B&W best. Sorry about the technical problems.

  10. Genie, this photo is just gorgeous and priceless.

    Btw the monkeys didn't smell at all. They roam free on a hill where the light house is.

    Hoping your technical glitches are solved by now...

  11. I just spent the weekend with my Grandson. Little toes and fingers too are so sweet.
    I like both of these. Each has its merits. The color is lovely however.
    Sorry about the computer problems. It gets frustrating for sure.

  12. It's a wonderful shot!! They grow so fast and this is a memory that you'll have forever.

  13. My what long toes she has. In the B&W your eye is drawn to the wrinkly feet. In the color the background competes for your attention. Cute feet.

  14. Precious shots Genie. I LOVE them. How unique..
    Good luck with your computers. They can be a pain sometimes.
    Have a great week.

  15. How very tender and beautiful!!! Happy day to you!! Cathy

  16. Ooooh, I lovebaby feet! A touching photo Genie.

  17. Fantastic photo!
    I love colors but I prefer yours in black and white. Great shot!

  18. I absolutely love that shot and my favorite is in black and white.

  19. Darling and Sweet.
    What a great memory keepsake.
    Both versions are nice but I do like the B/W.

  20. Oh, how sweet! What a lovely capture!