Thursday, November 3, 2011

Skywatch Friday ~ 11-3-11

These pictures were all taken this week either on my way to work or on my way home. We live in such a gorgeous part of the state of Virginia.

This shot was taken in front of the Ayers’s homeplace about a mile from the house.

This picture was taken a a little further down the road at my "Field of Dreams” of my favorite places to stop and shoot.

This sky was such a knockout I pulled off the interstate at the Econolodge in Lexington, stopped in one of their parking slots, and started taking pictures.

Finally, as I was pulling into the driveway this afternoon after school, I took this photo. Notice the swath of what appears to be no grass. Well, that used to be covered with gorgeous branches on the trees and a ground cover of  berry bushes. The power company came out without even telling us (they are supposed to notify all residents in person before cutting) and supposedly cut 15 feet on either side of the power line which is what they can legally do. Well, they cut way more than any 15 feet on either side and completely destroyed one side of our beautiful tree hedge. They also cut out away our entire berry patch which went from one end of the field to the other. You cannot even begin to imagine my horror the afternoon I turned in my driveway to see my trees sheared and logs, stumps, and brush everywhere. Each afternoon on my way home, I harassed the crews sweetly wherever I could find them cutting along the road until they finally cleaned up their mess.  It took me a week of nagging, but they finally got it to where it looks neat again. I just hope the trees survive the trauma. PS...I never once lost my temper with them. Remembering the manners taught me by the nuns, I just played the role of the innocent, little old white haired lady so upset about the loss of her tree branches and berries. I did call the head of the power company and told him we had not been informed any cutting was going to take place on our land, how shocked I was when I saw what they had done, and how upset I was. I actually cried on the phone because I was so distressed about it all. Apparently it worked because they did a pretty good job of cleaning up the mess.

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  1. sorry about the utility crew carnage...

  2. I agree: You DO live in a beautiful part of the state!


    Imagine a world with no sky—
    Through what would the geese and crows fly?
    And where would bears go
    If there were no snow
    Falling to earth from on high?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Big Weed, Little Sky

  3. You innocent, little old lady you :-)
    If only they knew! {LoL]
    Love your coloured skies Genie, but am sorry that your trees got chopped without your say-so.

  4. You have beautiful skies to photograph on your way home. I'm so sorry about your tree. I had something similar happen to a large azalea but at least they let me know beforehand so I wasn't surprised by it like you were.

  5. Sorry about the mess with the utility crew!! Hope all is better now! Your skies are so beautiful and such glorious colors. I love the blackened trees silhouetted against the colorful skies! Awesome! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Genie!


  6. How sad you lost your berry patch and the trees have been hacked. Power companies don't give any notice here at all, just come and trim but they do clear up on the same day. In town, they can charge the home owner for the work done if it's on our own property too (as opposed to the public street front).

    Love your first sunset photo!

  7. That first shot is breathtaking! Normally I wouldn't like the telephone poles but here the silhouettes and your perspective of them just enhance this image for me. A beautiful rural scene!
    So sorry to hear about the loss of your trees. If they cut more than their legal fifteen feet I'm not sure I'd have been able to hold my temper. Hope the trees come back from the shock.

  8. Beautiful ... a delicious light with beautiful colors, I'll take those pinkish in the sky, wonderful. Hope you Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. the third shot is really something. I understand why you stoped. :) Well done.

  10. I was told they are power poles, but the lines have not been attached yet.

    we both were attracted by power poles,

  11. Wowza!!!! Gorgeous skies--what a treat to see as you drive to and from work. Sorry about your trees and bushes--they do just come in and "hack away" sometimes. I know what a shock that must have been--it sounds like you handled the situation well. Have a wonderful weekend. Mickie :)

  12. sorry about your trees. a few months ago, i actually called the police (well, the policeman i called was my classmate in elementary school :p) when i saw people cutting down trees in our neighbor's property--the property has been empty for years. the police came and they stopped the men from cutting more trees. i later learned that they were from the electric company. some of the trees they cut down were older than me! i was really mad.

    beautiful fiery sky.
    have a great weekend, Genie.

  13. Love the colors in your sky. The third image is such a serene shot. I really like it very much. Have a blessed weekend!

  14. Your skies are breathtaking Genie!
    I know how well what you mean about the power company cutting down all your beautiful foliage. The State around here is famous for mowing the sides of the road way wider than necessary, and took away all the privacy we once had on one of our trails that ended up too close to the road, but still on our property. Grrrrr.
    I'd like to give those Yankees a piece of my mind for the sloppy plays they made at the end, but just the same, ya gotta love them! Go Grandy! A slam in Taiwan!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. If that crew had done violence to my trees I'd be totally livid and taking some mighty deep breaths before talking {civilly} to anyone! But like you, I control myself and behave in a way that gets me the outcome I want, not just to rant and vent. I certainly don't perceive you as any "innocent little ole' lady" Genie, but the act worked and no one got further hurt. Kudos. Oh, and those skies... REALLY lovely, each one!