Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anyone Need To Make a Rest Stop?

In some states the interstate rest stops leave a bit to be desired. Here in Virginia, we have attractive red brick structures with lovely walking areas around them. A while back the governor closed a number of them in our area, but the uproar from the residents of the Commonwealth was loud enough that they were reopened. This one is right outside of Richmond where we stopped on our way home on Sunday from the half marathon. Love those red fences.
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  1. I do not know how many times we have stopped at tis rest stop between Richmond and Lexington., and never before did I notice the red fences. Thought they were pretty perky and were too good to ignore. You are really fortunate to still have so much beauty in your hard. Our cold is gone. genie

  2. they are VERY red and VERY noticable! nice for friday's fences!

  3. I can assure you there are not rest stops in Texas like this. I love all your various captures of it.

  4. It's very pretty! More states could learn from VA!

  5. I love that red fence - goes great with the autumn colors!

  6. perfect fall settings...all so lovely in red...the fence compliments the red leaves so nicely!

    My Third Eye

  7. Oh yes....I agree. Some states have the most update, and ATTRACTIVE rest areas while others...well, you just want to skip 'em entirely.

    This is a great share. Seriously...who would have thought of sharing potty spots...but, hey ---it's a necessity and this one is super.

    DUCK SONG -- and photos of ducks 'round town.

  8. The red fences....luv them. So many of the rest stops here in WI are closed and I miss them. Glad to hear that VA residents made their voices heard.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Very much appreciated.


  9. I really enjoyed the pictures and the red fences.
    Hope you are well.

    Roberto from Brazil

  10. the red fences beautifully compliment all the red leaves on the trees. now I'm wondering - where did the state find the money to re-open? I love that they listened to the people's voices. not enough of that. happy day to you Genie.