Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend in Black and White ~ 1-28-11

We have so many birds right now at the housewe can hardly keep the feeders full. They are coming with colorations running the gamete from whites to reds, yellows, blues, and grays. It is wonderful just sitting and watching them dance their magical dances as they fly through the air, prance across the ground and porch, and light with absolute precision on the feeders. I need to get a good book and start learning the names of each of them. At 71, I’m finding that each day is an exciting learning experience in the wonderful course called “Nature 101.” 

To see more black and white photography visit “The Weekend in Black and White” hosted by Dragonstar.


  1. A wonderfully striking photo, Genie. I, too, am fascinated by birds.


  2. Love these chickadees!

    Cute angle, quite different!

  3. A cute little bird, he looks cold though. This is a lovely soft looking photo.

  4. Chickadees are amongst the friendliest of birds. I just LOVE them!

  5. A cute bird on the roof. Beautiful photo! Thank you for comment on my blog.

  6. O such a lovely sight! The little one seems to think your home is his too!

  7. beautiful genie! in the morning i can hear the birds singing and it tricks me into thinking it's spring time!

  8. I heard distinctive spring bird song just this morning...they have arrived a bit early...still 18 inches of snow on the ground. Great shot!

  9. Lovely photo. I'm sure he/she is posing for you, with just the right angle for the beak. Our birds usually turn their backs or fly away at the very moment I take the photo! I've been lucky at times though ;)

  10. Hi Genie,

    Excellent capture and conversion.

    PS class is also on my wish list but due to time constraint I am limited to online and books from my local library for tutorials at the moment.

    Good luck and more power.

    Best Regards,