Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday Bridges ~ 1-30-11 ~ The Bridge to Somewhere

"The Bridge to Somewhere" through a Fish Eye Lens

This one if for you my friend, Mr. Louis La Vache. I promised you some fisheyes so here they are. As you know, I have shown this bridge at other times of the year, but this is the first time for 2011, and it’s the first try with the fish eye. My lens is a refurbished bottom of the line one - the good ones are way our of my price range - so it allows me to do a little with depth of field and aperture value, but it is still really difficult for me. I cannot tell you how many shots I took before finally choosing these...thank goodness for the digital cameras. The moral of this post is: “If you don’t succeed, Genie, try, try again.”

This view if from the front yard looking out across the bridge towards Route 60 west and West Virginia.

This is taken form the house side of the bridge looking east with Kerrs Creek running under it. This creek cuts through our property and is one of the reasons we bought the old farm 32 years ago.

Here you see the creek looking west from the bridge. I did not dare go out onto the it to shoot this or any of the pictures because it was icy, snowy, and very slick. The way the boards have separated through the years is scary enough on a good day so there was no way I was going to step out on that thing even for Mr Louis La Vache.

This is a bit more panoramic view of the bridge and the area across the highway...which used to be the main road to WV until Interstate 64 was built. The loggers used our road for years as well as all the folk who worked across the mountain at the paper mill, so once I-64 was completed we finally were able to live in a quiet and not heavily traveled highway. 

My last shot is taken from the edge of “The Bridge to Somewhere” looking towards the magical “Somewhere"....our 112 year old frame farmhouse. The little rise in the left front of the picture is the rise to start over the rickety bridge.

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  1. What size is the fisheye? I like the shots!

  2. What a delightful series of shots. I love seeing the country bridges. The fisheye gives it a bit of a sci-fi look.

  3. Love the Sunlight in your photos. The fisheye makes for a very cool shot. Love this.

  4. Beautiful lighting of the whole landscape.

    I love the tracks on the bridge, reminds me those of the "war" tanks.

    Your dish eye lens has done you wonders on your photos.

  5. Lovely winter scenery!
    Have a great Sunday:)

  6. you have such beautiful views genie! i thought of you yesterday! we went on a little drive and ended up at douthat!

  7. Very nice area. You made me a bit envious. :-)

  8. I hope there in NO white out, the bridge has no "sides" in a whiteout, the driver won't know where the bridge is.

  9. I admire your persistence, Genie. This is a lovely series of wintry photos taken with the fisheye lens of the bridge over the creek and your farm property.

  10. What a lovely house and surroundings you live in. I like your pictures, they are beautiful.

  11. «Louis» most certainly appreciates your testimonials to his coffee!

    It looks seriously cold in those photos!

    «Louis» was out all day Sunday and unable to visit those who contributed to Sunday Bridges. Belatedly, he thanks you for your contribution.

  12. Genie, I really like the effect. Fantastic first attempts! And yes, thank goodness for digital. All of the scenes are compelling, but I have to say, I especially appreciate the second one.

  13. Very cool bridge and I always enjoy snow pics when the sun is shining! :-) These are lovely.