Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today’s Flowers ~ Rhododendron Blooming in October

Rhodendron Blooming in October

Rhododendrons are grown in many North American and European gardens; however, the rhododendron species originated from the East, brought to Europe by plant explorers.The rhododendron species belong to the Ericaceae plant family; rhododendrons are botanically related to azaleas, blueberries, heathers and mountain laurels. The name rhododendron is derived from the Greek word rhodos (meaning rose) and dendron (meaning tree). There are over 1000,natural species of rhododendron; however, many rhododendron species found growing in North America and Europe today are hybrids. They bloom from January through August depending upon the location and the climate.

**NO WHERE DID I FIND ANY REFERENCES TO LATE OCTOBER BLOOMING...and there were many blooms about to burst forth. AMAZING!
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  1. This is a nice shot. Great focus wityh blurry background

  2. Nice! SO many of the summer blooms are still blooming or coming up - I saw an iris in bloom today! This weather is crazy!

  3. When I lived on a property in the north of Tasmania, we had so many varieties of rhodos! They bloomed in November in the southern hemisphere! A gorgeous, fascinating flower!

  4. Well, that's a wondrous October surprise! Beautiful.


  5. Such a lot to learn, isn't there?
    Strange to have Rhodies flower this late. An extra bonus.

  6. I'm amazed to see this in your area of the country. I'm in Seattle and one of our rhodies is blooming, too! Very strange. – g

  7. Uma bela foto em que realça a singeleza desta flor! Por aqui elas estiveram no auge de sua floração no inverno. As que tenho, no meu pequeno jardim ainda estão a florir para nossa alegria.
    Abraços cariocas.