Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Photo - Wet Lace

How I managed to take this shot I do not know.  I like it so much I am going to actually print it out and hang it in my classroom.  Somehow I got sharpness, blur, light, dark, water droplets from the rain which were coming down lightly, and translucency.  This one is a miracle in my book.  I think it is so pretty with its faded lavender/pink along side the vibrant greens of the leaves. It’s so dainty and feminine.  This happens to be a very invasive bush not too far from the front porch.  It keeps trying to take over my herb garden which does not make Mother happy. I’m constantly cutting it back and wanted it GONE until today!!! Now I have an entirely new opinion of its blooms and think I will keep out of respect for the gift it gave me today.


  1. Love this and thanks for sharing what kind of camera you have - will put it on my wish list for Christmas for hubby!

  2. That is a lovely shot ... what a great capture!

  3. Beautiful. Amazing when that happens, isn't it?