Sunday, June 19, 2016

6-19-16 ~ The Old Knick Red Barn

Once again it is time for Tom the Backroads Traveler's Barn Collective. Please join him with your pictures of barns you have seen and photographed. This is such a special little meme with all varieties and sizes of barns old and new...and even some that are falling down.

This barn sits across the road from us. It was owned by the Knick family who built our house...the one you all saw in the vintage picture I posted a while back. Larry had serious heart disease plus advanced diabetes but continued to live as our neighbor after a heart transplant for around 15 years. He was such a dear friend to Bud and me, and every time I got myself in a jam he would come and bail me out. I would get the riding mower hung up on a rock time and time again, and I was always trying to move furniture getting it stuck or turning it over. I didn't call Ghostbusters, though...I called Larry, and he came ASAP. The last thing he did was put me up a new mailbox with his grandson helping him. After he passed away the house sat empty for a long time, and then the remaining brothers and his widow sold it to the Zollman family. They have re-roofed the barn, added the quilt painting to the top, and moved in a little outbuilding. We miss out dear friend, but it is so nice to have someone living in the little green house once again.

Mr. Zollman usually has his white truck parked horizontally in from of the barn which made taking a picture of the new quilt addition not very nice. day I was coming home and I hit the jackpot...a sunny beautiful day, my iPhone with me, and no white truck.

I cropped the shot down as much as I could so you could see the little quilt square. 
I have always wanted a quilt block on our barn, so to have one across the road make me a very happy country girl. Maybe one day I will get one here. That would be icing on the cake.



  1. Hello, it is nice to see the barn being used and loved again. The quilt square is pretty.
    Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  2. Genie, thanks for your little collection and your wonderful story. Life is all about the stories that we collect. You certainly live in a neighborly neighborhood, what a lovely thing. That so much for stopping by and I hope to see a bit more from your neck of the woods soon.

  3. What a perfect little red barn along with a nice story about your wonderful neighbor.

  4. Yes, the quilt block really makes it special!

  5. What a beautiful barn and the quilt is really wonderful. I hope you find one that is what you're looking for. I'm sorry about your friend, it sounds like he was a great person.

  6. What a very pretty scene and nice story. The quilt painting is quite unique on a house. I'm glad you managed to get the photo without the white truck.

  7. What a beautiful and very cool barn!