Monday, March 28, 2016

3-27-16 and 3-28-16 ~ Easter Eggs and Hike up Crabtree Falls

Easter 2016

Gene, Patti, Eloise plus a friend and her two children came to the house for our traditional Easter egg dying weekend. This year all of the eggs were naturally dyed. We used onion skins, turmeric, small leaves from the yard wrapped against the eggs and tied in with panty hose, silk ties also wrapped in panty hose...and left all night in the boiled liquids to which we had added white vinegar. They are so beautiful.  The one in the front to the right was scraped with little stones from the creek in front of the house. NO food coloring or commercial dyes were used.

Eloise spotted the egg in the middle of the creek.
You've gotta love the goulashes.

Yeah!!!! She got it!


Easter Monday
We all went up to Crabtree Falls. Here are just a few of the photos from the hike. I will post more tomorrow. I am so tired tonight, this is the best I can do. I made it .07 mile of 1.7 miles. That was better than two years ago when I only made .04 mile. Today is was wet, muddy, and very, very slippery. My balance was terrible and my stick acting up. Bud would have to hold my pack as we were going down so I would not slip and fall. Gene and Eloise make it to the top. Mom had to go on back to Richmond so she was not on the hike.

 You can see from Bud's picture that I was looking where I was stepping trying to remember to put down my heel first.
This was my first hike with my new child's pack. It was so light and did a fine job for me.

Today I took my rest on a stump and not lying down.

These signs were everywhere, and I did not even get near them.

This is one of the few shots I got of the falls.

 This is the pipe I walked into because I was looking at the slippery ground and not ahead. I really slammed my cheekbone.

Here is one other shot I got of the falls. Tomorrow I will get
Bud's pictures from his iPhone and post them. The falls are very high and were carrying lots of water today. 


  1. The eggs are so beautiful. What a fun experience.
    Good for you doing the best you could with the hike. Yikes I bet you will have a shiner.
    Have a good week. Xo

  2. What a wonderful adventure, Genie. Your naturally dyed eggs are the second ones I've seen today. I love the colors; what a good idea for throughout the year. I loved, also, your account of your hike. Like you, I would be looking down. A lot. And, I would have no doubt have walloped myself on the pipe as well. I've lost count of the number of times I've taken a misstep because of gazing outward whilst taking pictures. Two times, falling flat was in a church! Your grands must have had a truly wonderful time. Now that I'm a grand (at last), I'm starting to take any interest in crafting with little hands, again.

  3. Hi Genie
    Wonderful pictures of a successful Easter Monday. Unique Easter Eggs have you enchanted here - really great
    Greetings Sadie

  4. What a fabulous post! I love the eggs and your hike looks spectacular....and a little scary! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. You are a brave one to go up the mountain. Those eggs look so wonderful, it is real art!

  6. You show very great photos from the wild nature - such landscapes I love very much. It has determined a lot of fun to climb around there! ... wonderful easter-eggs too! Ulrike

  7. Looks like you had the perfect Easter weekend. Love the colors you got on your eggs.

  8. WOW, the eggs are really beautiful. I have never done this, but would like to try. It looks like fun. I especially enjoyed the hike and the photos. How's the cheek, hope you don't have a bruise. Lovely post Genie, I enjoyed everybit of it.

  9. Love the eggs! You had quite a hike!

  10. The eggs always look wonderful when they are dyed with natural products. Your photos were good to look at as well.
    Yvonne x

  11. "trying to remember to put my heel down first"

    that sounds so familiar. And straighten your leg. I was told the same by the physio some weeks back, after six months of painful sciatica followed by femoretica.
    Wheelchair and stick - so depressing. now both discarded and I am up to five miles a day. Was ten miles a day last Summer. maybe I overdid it then.

    I hope you meant 0.7 mile rather than .07 :-)
    Looks like a great walk, apart from the pipe's left hook. Still sore?

  12. Oh, the eggs are beautiful...and so is Eloise. That looks like a wonderful place to hike. I am trying to catch up.

  13. Beautiful eggs -- I'm so impressed. Sounds like an absolutely perfect way to celebrate Easter. Even being tired is worth it after a couple of wonderful days like that.