Friday, February 26, 2016

February 26, 2016 ~ Homemade Walnut Doll

While I was fumbling around in my office/art/sewing room today, I came across the walnut doll I made many years ago. She is made with one walnut, glue from a glue gun, green florist wire and tape, and a few other odds and ends. After she was put together, I made her hat, dress, and apron with the cross-stitch on it. This was back when I was teaching 6th grade English and every afternoon each teacher had to teach one period of a “fun-non academic” class. Of course, I did postcards and crafting. All the children who chosemy room made these and then sewed their little outfits by hand. Yes, I had to teach the boys how to sew, and that was a trip. I bet now they are thankful that they learned how to thread a needle and put it thru the material. I did not make the quilt the doll is sitting on. It is a very old one that I got at the “antique” mall, and it is all sewn by hand.

"The only place where housework comes before needlework
 is in the dictionary.”
~Mary Kurtz  


  1. Hmmm, I almost want to try making a walnut dog or cat. I can see it in my mind. I have very basic sewing skills for which I'm thankful.

  2. Hi Genie!
    Great job, it looks like an awesome piece of folk art.
    You are multi-talented.

  3. A phantastic historic SORGENPÜPPCHEN!

  4. Hello Genie
    In this idea with the walnut I would never come, but it fits perfectly and it's been a rarity. Unfortunately, I have no knack for handicrafts.
    Nice weekend for you.

  5. Very nice made, the children must have been very proud to make this. I remember I once teached boys to knit, helping at the school of my children. I don't think they ever did anymore afterwards!

  6. What a wonderful piece of art work. No, it's a work of ART!! I'm loving this.

  7. How cute! And true quote, sigh!
    (in German dictionary it is reversed - )
    Have a nice weekend

  8. I love the things you share here.

  9. Good morning, Genie. The machine you asked me about is a Shaver post driver used to hydraulically push fence posts into the ground. To learn more about this type of machine go to:

    Looks like you did lots of sewing on this walnut doll. Bet the boys had a good time doing needle work in your class. When I was in 8th grade the girls did one semester of shop and the boys one semester of home-economics. We learned to set a table and bake cookies as I remember. The cookies tasted great.

  10. So a doll I've never seen before ... an interesting story you tell here! ... And the wonderful old quilt fits so nice to old doll. Have a nice sunday and thanks for you always so nice comments in my blog - Ulrike

  11. She is absolutely charming! What a nice discovery to make!