Friday, February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016 ~ More Red and Lots More Love

 Leave All Things and Come with Me.

Let’s Dance

~ Did you ever take tap dancing as a child?
~Did you ever wear a frilly outfit like this?
~I took tap and adored it, but never did I sport an outfit like this one.
She is oh, so cute.

Sorry I cannot seem to photograph my journal evenly. It seems like one side is always a bit cut off. Actually they are straight. These two are on pages side by side, but to photograph them together makes them so small you cannot read the letters. Both of these collages were made with some old papers I had for the backgrounds, common doilies, cut and paste, typing, and Kim Klaassen’s "Softly" texture. The little girl with the tap shoes came from Reminisce Magazine.

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  1. Both are beautiful ~ The first one is SO romantic! All your pieces are beautiful, and just perfect for the 'LOVE' challenge! ~ Karen

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and for all of your sweet comments! Your journal pages are gorgeous! Wish I could create collages like that! Beautiful!

  3. Such cute pages! I love your use of the doilies!
    Thank you very much for linking those lovely pages to Moo Mania & More!
    This is much appreciated!
    Happy weekend Genie!


  4. Beautiful work, love the crafty colours, thanks for joining us at Moo Mania and More, hugs, Valerie

  5. Two wonderful journal pages, both have so many lovely details and things to see and are very romantic.

  6. I never took any dance classes...but had one dress that my sister got me. It was not so frilly as fancy. It was lavender in color and was lace over this shiny/slick material. It was so fancy I only wore it a couple or three times and do not know what happened to it.

  7. I like the Valentine messages here. ;)

  8. I think they are lovely Genie. I never tap danced as a child, only wish :) I did have a dress I loved, just one dress that I remember. It was white with tiny red apples all over it and when I twirled the skirt twirled right along with me. Have a great weekend. Let's hope that snow next week isn't too much.

  9. So pretty! To answer your question, I live between Strasburg and Front Royal.

  10. These are beautiful, I love the heart shaped doileys you've used.
    I was never a very girly little girl (I didn't grow up into a girly adult either!) but my friend wanted to go to ballet and tap lessons so I went with her - I lasted two weeks before the teacher said "Your heart really isn't in this, is it?" and I could leave the classes and climb trees instead!

  11. Although they look like great journal pages to me, I have never tap danced, either wearing a frilly outfit or not. I did wear a frilly outfit to a costume party once.

  12. I personally have never tapped danced Genie, but I have three nieces who tapped up a storm.. and wore costumes like this :)

  13. Do you want to link it to:
    Herzlich P.

  14. Both are beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  15. Theses are both beautiful pages although I must say I love the cutie on the bottom page! Chrisx

  16. Oh so sweet...they look beautifully made to me. I took tap, but hated it. Lessons were really big for kids back in our day weren't thy? Even in our small town, we had tap, ballroom, art lessons, piano of course .... I would rather have been left alone to read a book.. (such a disappointment to my poor mother ((