Monday, January 11, 2016

#10~"Children~ Our Hope" Series

"Blessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven."
~Henri Frederic Amiel 1821-1881

Back 20 years ago I was making post cards using a collage technique of painting, pen and ink, stamping, and glued on papers, pictures, and fabric.  When I finally found then, I could not believe it has been 20+ years, but the date on these original cards says 1995. What made me think about them was the amount of deaths we have had in our country of young children due to gun violence...and especially the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995.  It was around this time I had started my series of Children ~ Our Hope, and then there was the bombing. It upset me so badly that I decided to work out my sadness by painting on my post cards. This was my first attempt at using water colors so my pictures are very primitive. I painted them on very heavy matting, and to mail them I had to have them hand stamped and pay added postage. Luckily I saved most of my originals.

This was my first card. 
Children ~ Our Hope

My first card of the Children’s Series.
The names at the foot of the beds were those of family and friends. Boy Hornot represented my daddy, and Boy Gray was the name of my principal at the time.

This is my second card in the series.

Then came the devastating Oklahoma City Bombing on Apri 19, 1995, and that is when the tone of my cards changed. I was devastated by the number of dead and injured, and the deaths of 19 little children in the day care center broke my hear in two. Here are the cards I created following that tragic and unforgettable day and helped me to work out my grief.

 My Third Card
"Suffer the Little Children”

My Fourth Card
“The Littlest Angels”

My Fifth Card
“Going Home”

My Sixth Card
“The Journey Has Begun”

My Seventh and Last Card
These are the same children as in my first card, but this time they are dressed differently, and I have added tissue paper, a USPS postal stamp, and an ink stamp. They are still smiling and happy, and they continue to be our hope for the future.

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  1. 20 years, sometimes it is good to recount the running of time!
    Herzlich Pippa
    who sees, that you have great creative energy and talent! P.

  2. i love the angels. so precious. i love art. any kind of art. a great expression of your enter kid. love it!! i think back on that time, things were so different. it is sad to think on the sad time our country has gone through. the loss. we have been through so many rough tough times.

    have a calm & warm week. ( ;

  3. Nonetheless, the issue is very serious, it's wonderful that you've discovered these drawings again and share with us. How the time flies.
    I see myself first for happy, happy kids, and now little angels.
    A contribution, which makes you think.
    best regards

  4. These are wonderful Genie. Makes me so sad also when I hear about the unnecessary deaths in your country due to the lack of gun control, I wonder how long before the people stand up and say NO it has to stop.

  5. Hi Genie,

    We've lived through some horrors. It's good to allow your creativity to shine. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  6. I am going to be new following you! You may take the Love is...those sweet lil cartoons make me smile always! I have a Love at pinterest if you go there plus these little Love is...are everywhere. I even have a book filled with them. Use to leave them for my hubby when we were newlyweds long long ago! Thank you for visiting and please share those Love is....they make people smile.
    You have an awesome blog and these artistic impressions here are just wonderful. So happy you visited me so I may come over here. A really heart felt share, thank you. Hugs, Anne

  7. Genie, these are so beautiful - I love each and every one. We really do have to get together one day, I hope it will happen. I think we would have so much fun. I am so glad you did a comeback as I sure was missing you. Take care my friend.

  8. These are great. I especially like the first two and the last as you filled the entire card with color. I wouldn't call it "primitive". There is style there uniquely your own. I've seen many artists do artistic renditions it that child-like way. There is a term for it but I've forgotten what it is called. I almost suggested you should start it back up but I have no place in doing so. I haven't done a pen & ink drawing in years. Shame on me.

  9. Oh Genie. Seldom am I without words, but I don't feel I have the right ones to express how much I admire your postcards and your thoughts. am only sorry that the Oklahoma was not the last.

  10. I admire you for sharing your experiences and how you worked through your grief with creativity. These are still issues we need to work on in the U.S. and I hope answers and solutions can be reached soon!

  11. Love these cards. So important for kids being able to express their feelings with art! A happy week to you:)

  12. Powerful and moving post, Genie. Thank you for sharing such a time with us, along with the lovely cards and art. Your heart certainly shines through. :)

  13. I am back. I just have to tell you I have looked and looked at these...I so love the one with the Teddy bears and balloons. I can see decorating a baby's room around that.

  14. This seems to ma a super way to work through your grief. I can feel the depth of your mourning.

  15. Love the colours in these cards. especially love the little angels in the 4th card. so sweet.
    In answer to your question about my blog thumbnail in your sidebar, ever since Google had an overhaul, those of us who upload photos to blog posts from Picasa web albums via the album link don't generate a thumbnail. However, if I scroll through all my zillions of photos to find one and upload it that way, the thumbnail appears. Guess why I don't use the latter. I just have to live with the problem now. It used to be fine till Google took over Picasa and decided that new ways were good ways. Sorry about the issue on your sidebar, but, at this stage, I can't do anything about it.

  16. Genie these cards are so touching. Those poor little babies :( I love the angels but feel sad about what they represent--such a terrible thing. I hope you keep doing this. Lovely. xo