Thursday, October 15, 2015

WV Trilogy 2015 ~ Part 3 ~ Signs

These two shots were taken on our way to the mountain. There are lots less tires than in the past, but they still have them for sale.

There are always some neat bumper stickers.

You can’t have a race without port-a-johns.

I find these to be rather attractive...
if Port-a-Johns can be called attractive.

OOPS! You sloppy runners. That is a No-No!

And there is ALWAYS graffiti.
“Born for Supremacy” ~ How do they define “supremacy?”

Such a “lovely” thing to do and say as newlyweds.
I think NOT!!!

Here are some of the markers that guide the runners on the trails. 

This post is linked with Signs 2.


  1. I like the style of The Mountain Institute sign.

  2. I wonder why people always want to leave a sign they were there?

    I love that pic with the lone tree in it.

  3. not a fan of graffiti - especially in natural areas.

  4. Umm...I think I'd get lost on the trail with those markers. Yep, for sure I'd make a wrong turn.

  5. "The Outhouse" is a nice, respectable name for these.