Friday, May 1, 2015

I Have Finally Picked Up My Camera Again

In Memory of My Dear Friend, Melanie

Yes, I am back trying, with great difficulty, to relearn what I was doing when I decided to close up my computer and put it away at a time which seems to be years ago though it has not really been that long. The saying is true....if you do not use it you lose it, and I have definitely lost it somewhere in this old head of mine.  It is so hard to reteach myself. I cannot figure out to locate a picture on the page or how to add type. Where is my dashboard. How do I add my beloved textures.  It’s turning out to be a very slow process, but I am enjoying it. My family is on the mend, but I try not to think about what the sat year and a half have been like. Photography seemed to be calling me so here I am.  Since I last posted, I have become a Hospice volunteer caregiver, and I adore my hours with my patients. What a meaning and touching experience for me. I visit Melanie’s mother twice a week. On Mondays we eat lunch together, and on Thursdays we go out with a friend to looks at wildflowers. I substitute every now and then when my back will allow it. Right now I am at my son’s in Richmond. I came to see his 10 year old, Eloise, dance with the Richmond Ballet. Oh, my, what a treat for a grandmother’s eyes! Then, Saturday my other son from Baimbridge Island is flying in for a quick visit with his brother, Gene, Patti, Eloise, and me. Buddy is still running his Ultra Marathons, and this weekend tried to do a 100 miler over in West Virginia, but he became seriously ill at about the halfway point.  Sleet and rain, shivering and chattering, vomiting, eyes glazed, and making no sense, so I had to drive out at 1AM they narrow and curving WV unlit road to get him. He really scared me this time. I tell you...he is like the Ever Ready Bunny. HE WILL NOT STOP. I am so proud of him. He says he is going to do it next year...he was running 4 minute miles, singing, and having a wonderful time when it all hit. Hope to start visiting all of your blogs again soon. Take care, and it is my wish that this finds all you, my dear blogging friends, well and happy. I am not posting to any blog sites, yet. Am just dipping my old feet into the water a wee bit at a time.

(This is one of the lilies a friend sent after Melanie passed away a month ago from pancreatic cancer. The little chair is made from a champaign top.)

~True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.” Dave Tyson Gentry

 “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
                                                         ~  Mark Train
  " True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.” 
                                                    ~ Dave Tyson Gentry


  1. My dear friend passed away from Pancreatic cancer and I miss her . I have found her daughter on face book five weeks ago. She added me. It has been over 10 years her Mom's passing. I look at Caitlin's picture on Facebook. She is the double of her Mom.

    Your volunteer work has been a blessing to you serve. I did that many years myself. It is rewarding. So glad your going to come back when Willed. Bless You!

  2. i am sorry for the loss of your friend. you are a caring person to give to others in need - as hospice caregiver and to melanie's mom, too. :)

    glad your family is well. oh, buddy!! yikes! but i give him major kudos - just glad he's okay. :) give yourself a hug, genie. from texas. :)

  3. It is good to see you here again. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Blessings!

  4. I had to do a double take. I am so glad to see you back on your blog. I have missed you. I'm glad that you are feeling better. What fun to see Eloise dancing. we need to catch up. Buddy is a running man for sure. 100 miles are you kidding. 4 minute miles, geez. He is an iron man. But he needs to slow down. We are just getting over a rough patch last week . My daughter in law had a torn carotid artery and spent a week in ICU. She is a cross fitter. So glad you are doing all the things you are doing. You would make a great person to do the Hospice. xo

  5. I'm sorry about Melanie. I don't think I know of her. It is so sad to loose a great friend.

  6. Dearest Genie - My heart warmed when I saw your post this morning. I was so thrilled that you are going to baby step back into your photography and things associated with that. I missed your posts terribly and am so happy to see you here. Take your time, learn a bit at a time and it will all come back. I was hoping I might see you and Buddy this year. I hope he is feeling better and back on track as well. Your volunteer work at Hospice is very wonderful - you have such a big heart; its so nice for you to share that with those that need you in that manner. Take care my friend, best to you and Buddy. lol

  7. So hard to lose a dear friend, but glad that you are doing some hospice work and also glad to see you back. Sending you a hug from Texas. Glad that your husband was ok after that event!

  8. Genie I was so happy to see you pop up on my feedly. I've thought of you often and wondered how you were doing in retirement (I guess you answered that here!) . Blogging is a funny thing... I probably wouldn't know you if I saw you on the street and yet when you disappeared I worried ... It's as if a neighbor whom you occasionally have coffee with just upped and moved away without telling you why! I hope your sweet Buddy recovers well and gets back to running, if that is what he wants to do. I am glad to see you back and to see your beautiful pics again and look forward to more.

  9. So happy to see you back!
    So sorry for you loss, and so glad you find ways to spread he love to others.
    A remarkable woman you are.

  10. I had lost hope of seeing posts from you...I do hope you get started again, and that I am in a blogging mood when you do. LOL

  11. oh it is so good to hear from you genie...i think of you often...what a scare buddy gave you and i am so sorry about the loss of your friend...hugs

  12. Oh my friend died of Pancreas cancer also. We were rocks for each other when she was well but I must say she was the stronger rock what she went through suffering with that disease. In her sad moments and her good moments. She learned to be real strong even in her passing. Your friend left you a beautiful part of her for you to treasure even more.

    I miss her. Glad you have had that wonderful touch with your Family and Grandson. That is # 1 priority. I have six of them . So I have done that journey with all. Now they have left the nest of Grandma hugging them, watching them at activities, pushing the prams, strollers. The lists of do's I did. . Birthdays. The whole nine yards. So this is why I like friends of bloggers here. They have become my family as all of us feel. Men bloggers as well. We all have talents, kind words, Being there for people who are hurt or lonely. My Grandchildren are adults now. They have their journeys in life as I have. They are tasting what is out there in this big world. Finding their ways in University. So glad your back to day at a time. I know you have got your feet in the water. You will know when the time is ready, ready..

  13. Hi Genie ... Just dropped by to say I was thinking of you . Hope things are well ....