Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP ~ 1-22-14

My vintage quilt blocks have been a VERY slow “Work in Progress" yesterday and today. It seems like all I have done is rip. I have only finished two blocks because of my ongoing errors. These boo-boos have got to stop ASAP! I think I’m being so careful, and I still mess up.

 Art Square
I do not like the way the white corners came out against the off-white of the fabrics, so when I finish all my blocks I will change the squares to some of my white that has off-white in it. I think that will look lots better.

 Dove at the Window with Upside Down Error
This is the block that about killed me. I made so many mistakes with cutting and placement, and then in the end I still finished it with one upside-down square. And, this was classified as a “beginner” block in the book. UGH! Have any of you done a block incorrectly over and over again? I feel like such a dufus.

I even nipped my left thumb cuticle with the new blade on the rotary cutter. I am really careful with the thing, and this is the first time I have ever had a slip up. A wee bit of blood in my book, but no damage to the quilt block.

 I went back and ripped it out again, and now I think everything is OK.
It sure is a good thing I do not mind ripping.

Here are my 11 blocks out of the 20...that’s half way. I have finished all of the “beginner” ones...that’s a joke...and have made a dent in the “ intermediate” ones. All of the non-paper pieced blocks are complete. The rest require foundation paper piecing.

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  1. 'good thing i don't mind ripping.' ha ha. :)

  2. Genie!!!! Your blocks are PERFECT. All your hard work is truly paying off. I too am quilting, on a machine that is older than dirt/or me. My mother's Feather Weight Singer. It's compact and works on the boat. I made a 6" finished square the other day. It worked out very well. So.....I wanted to make a 12" finished block for another project, just like the first one. I figured if the first square was 6 and I wanted to make a 12, all I had to do was double the measurements on the cut pieces. I ended up with a 16" square! Groan. There must a formula for that. Anyway, while I was in West Palm Beach, Florida, waiting to cross to the Bahamas, I got to see the World Quilt Show that was there for the weekend. I saw creations from all over the world. Award winning quilts like nothing I had even imagined were possible to make. so inspiring! quilt on, woman. We Can Do THis! :)

  3. I've always been around people (ladies) who quilted, crocheted, or knitted. I never understood how you can start out with nothing and end up with something that awesome. Very nice. I just about forgot.

  4. Stopping by to say, Wow inspired, I saw your beauty on Freshlypieced.

  5. Your blocks look great!

  6. You are doing great! Hope things are going better with the rotary cutter! Those things are dangerous! Best, Kate

  7. Wonderful. Breaking something down into manageable segments makes so much sense. I should learn to live life with the mind of a quilter.