Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Beauty of the Kerrs Creek Countryside

While driving a nearby road back in April, I spotted this old farmhouse and its barns.  It's a working farm with many acres and has spectacular views of the mountains. All of the pictures were taken about 8:30 in the morning with my iPhone 4. Being that I was without a laptop for almost 4 months, I am now posting some of the pictures I had taken just before it died. 


Barn 1

Barns 1 and 2

Barn 3...or maybe it is a shed...

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  1. Looks like you've taken a step back in time Genie! Lovely scenery. Is the house made of logs?

  2. These are very nice. You almost hate to admit that they were done with an iPhone. You live in a beautiful area that I hope to visit someday.

  3. Great photos Genie! I especially like the last one for some reason. I like the ones with the cows too.

  4. Reminds me of farming in Sussex, short distance from house - the olde barn looks like some of the olde covered bridges round here n aboots. Nice photos Genie :)

  5. Exquisite photos! Really very beautiful countryside and farms! Wonderful shots!

  6. The countryside is very beautiful.

  7. That last shot could so be from down home! Love that log cabin in the first pic.

  8. I am «Louis la Vache» and I thank you for posting photos of my bovine brethren...

  9. Old Farmsteads are fun to photograph. There are so many different colors and textures.

    I often wonder about the stories the barns and homes could tell.

    Visiting from Rurality.

  10. Oh my, beautiful and idyllic rural countryside!
    Is there a two story screened porch on the side of that house?
    I could spend some time there. :)

  11. Beautiful rural shots of barns and animals and the wonderful landscape ~ carol ^_^

    I am always amazed what great shots the iphone takes ~ I use mine now more and more when I don't want to carry my larger camera

  12. Farmsteads make wonderful subject matter...lovely series. My Rurality: