Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Update on Genie's MacBook Pro

~Had to wipe out tears...just acceptance on my part...

~I did make a DVD of my huge texture file on desktop and other important stuff there that I use all the time...

~My MacBook Pro is backed up to the Time Machine thingy, but I do not want to do a complete migration because I will be bringing back in corrupted info., and we still do not know what is corrupted.

~iMac is backed up to a huge Iomega external hard drive, but I am now doing an additional back up of that 25,000 picture iPhoto library, my Lightroom 4 catalog, and my Photoshop Elements 10 catalog to a new, portable Toshiba 500 GB hard drive that I can carry with me to work from. My Pro does not have the huge memory of the iMac so cannot bring over all of the pictures. Thank goodness I have the right cable to do a partial migration  from the iMac to the MacBook Pro

~The Tech still did not determine if the hard drive was bad, and I am upset about that. I kept telling the tech I wanted to determine whether the hard drive was bad, but we did not learn. I am going to address that issue when the Apple Care man calls today. Bet I end up buying my own new hard drive and having Gene install it for me like he told me to do in the first place.

~So, as of this morning the computer has been wiped out and the new system has downloaded. The migration work starts this afternoon

~It is a **** good thing I am a mother of 3 and have taught school for 53 years  because I have the patience of Job and will persevere until I collapse ...the nuns taught me that one...hahaha

~Will be back with an update...keep your fingers crossed I am up and running by the weekend... 




  1. I feel for you, have the same problem. My husband is trying to restore things, but I lost a lot of photos. It is so frustrating. I have a back-up, but to restore it isn't just push a button....

  2. Wow, I have no idea what you are talking about. I hope it all works out. Glad you have help doing this. I know somehting is wrong with my laptop and need someone to look at it. Hope you can save all those pictures. Sounds like you are trying.

  3. What a nightmare. So sorry. I hope you get it all ironed out soon. It's so surprising that this is happening with an Apple product. You poor thing!

  4. I just got a Toshiba external hard drive mainly so I could free up the hard drive in my PC laptop of all the photos and documents hoping the laptop will function a little bit faster and better. Not sure if it does but at least if the laptop decides to go belly up someday, I have everything safe elsewhere. Patience is a good thing to have. So few do these days it seems.

  5. I hope you get it all straightened out soon, Genie and that you haven't lost a lot of data.

  6. I keep my fingers crossed! It happens to EVERY SINGLE COMPUTER USER out of the blue. I had an expensive lesson couple of times and since then all of my photos are in the external hard drive. It's inconvenient to modify photo with photoshop but there is no comparison than to lose all when the computer is crashed...
    I stopped buying the cheapest external drive after having a nightmare three years ago!

    All the best!

  7. Hi Genie,
    Year you are right, I should've informed you the brand of my external hard drive.
    We use "Logitech" product and we are not yet betrayed by them.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog but let me tell you that I recently post photos in my second photoblog,Extra Abstraction.

    Good luck!
    Still keeping my fingers crossed.


  8. Once again, this is Yoshi.
    Please forget about my previous comment. We use "Logitec" external hard drive. This is a domestic company in Japan...

  9. Yah, Genie, I keep all my stuff backed up on time things too, however, from ipeople's past performances in times of trouble, I also make an additional backup on external hard drive - this has been most useful to me.
    I gotta admit, even though you had these problems, I still had to smile at that line about the nuns - you did preserve and I hope you don't collapse. Unless you still have a warranty on your product, you will indeed end up buying your new hard drive - research on apple hard drives on my own time has found multiple problems with hard drive - just a case of still having warranty for me. They replaced everything and I was persistant - som might call that a bit of bit*h*ing - that's how us gals are referred to when we are persistant, Eh. Hope all is well soon and the weekend is only another two days. Take care kiddo :)

  10. I have been down this road Genie! I had stuff on a school computer! I thought it was safe! Blank screen and nudda! Fortunately the school technician managed to salvage most just by connecting with the hard drive! How that worked I don't know when nothing could be seen! Now I have an external hard drive for everything, but I wonder if that is enough too! School stuff + photos stuff + writing stuff = an awful lot of stuff!

  11. My Fingers are crossed! Good luck!!

  12. What a tribulation....and Ithought Apples were far more reliable than Window based computers.

    I have had mini-crashes,but have never lost anything. I do backups but not nearly as often for full backups.

    My photos which are really not valuable are backed up 3 times, - esternal hard drives (2), a thumb drive, and of course they are on the camera disks.which I do not wipe out. I buy a new one.

  13. As annoying as this all has least you had back ups of your photos...when those are lost it's much much more than mere data...
    Good luck!

  14. I feel your pain...all I am going to say. Well, hope you get things back to normal before you go crazy.