Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Had Company for Luncheon Today

We got our second mini snow today, and who did I see but my little pal. Guess he was really hungry because I did not seem to upset him too much. I have to giggle a bit when I look at his position in the first picture. Can you imagine eating your dinner holding on like that? It is so good to be back online.  I've missed you all and hope that each and every one of you has had a wonderful holiday and you are ready to ring in 2013. Time just flies by when you are busy taking pictures!

Being such a newbe to photographing birds, I had to go to my Sibley's book to try to identify this fine feathered friend. After looking at all the pictures of woodpeckers, I have decided that I THINK it is a Downy. Please help I right or wrong? Remember, I need all the help I can get.

These are both SOOC other than cropping and adding my name. 

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  1. Just thinking of you today. I watched an Eloise movie and it reminded me of my Doodle (since she calls me Nanny). I wondered how you were feeling. Tood bad we can't take care of each other. I still have the stupid headaches. Hope you were able to have a good holiday. You should feel alot better after your infusion. I sure hope so. xo

  2. I'm no bird expert, but I do believe you are correct. I've had one visiting my feeders regularly. I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. Hopefully, your doctor's visit yesterday will help and you'll have a great new year.

  3. yup, definitely downy. :)

    sorry you've been sick again! if it is not your back, then your teeth, then it is something else! i hope 2013 will be kinder to you!

  4. I have no idea beyond "It's a woodpecker". That being said, you are sure off to a good start photographing birds. I salute your patience.

    2013 definitely will be a good year. Our daughter became engaged last night. Happy times.

  5. It does look like a downy woodpecker but I'm no expert. I've been bird watching too, right from our window.

  6. These bird photos are wonderful! Love the first photo especially with the little guy determined to get tucker!

  7. Nice pictures you show.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    Wish you a Happy New Year :) Hanne Bente

  8. I'm sure it's a Downy genie, but it's a long time since I saw one. Thanks for visiting ny blog and your kind comments. Good luck and happy birding in the New Year

  9. Hi Genie, I think you are right. It appears to be a very sweet little female Downy.
    I wish I had luncheon company like her.

    I love seeing snow.. as you know south Florida doesn't get white fluff.

    Be well and happy ~:)

  10. I agree with the consensus...a downy. The males have a small red cap on the backs of their heads. the females don't.

  11. To help me remember the difference between this Downy and the larger and longer-billed Hairy Woodpecker, I look at the outer tail feathers. If it "Haint got" any black marks it's a Hairy.

  12. That's a female Downy!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. I am a novice when it comes to id'ing some birds...and I love how we all get together to help one another [thanks for Ken, Gary, and others] --- your images are stunning. What a companion for lunch.

    Thanks for lending and sharing your link this week at the Bird D'Pot!! And, have a happy New Year!

  14. Glad you are back and I hope you had a great New Years Eve too. It´s a gorgeous little pecker you have there. :)

    About the lens, I can´t recomend it unless I know what camera you have. It is the camera AND lens in combination that does the trick. And my stuff is quite heavy.