Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sculpture in Macro

Sculpture at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts ~ Richmond, Virginia

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul."
~ Joseph Addison

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  1. I must admit that I'm confused by this. Is it a sculpture from metal, soft stone, what. Had it not been identified as a sculpture, I would have thought it was a detail of a boat motor. That being said, I enjoyed the lines and textures seen here.

  2. Genie, all I can say about starting a journal again...and I hope you do follow that to just jot down what you want and need to disclose...what you feel should be told. I wouldn't worry about offending anyone either. If they don't like what you write, that to me, seems like a personal problem with THEM, not you at all.

    Be honest, be witty, be yourself....even if there are posts that you may think of as be it!!! It needs to be told so you can continue with the journey you began years ago.

    Hope that helps a bit. For decades, I've lived my life as my 1st boss where I worked told me after I made a mistake in a letter that I typed up for him....he told me through my tears of grief on my error..."Anni, 100 years from now, it will make no difference...try not to be so hard on yourself and continue what you're good at.". I have lived by this motto ever since.

  3. I've seen these when I have dived on shipwrecks.

    Great capture!

  4. Excellent macro ~ very creative ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Great captures! I would not think of a propeller as artwork, but this is great.