Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It’s Springtime at School

These were the first blossoms on our little weeping cherry tree outside the library. I had planned to follow its progress daily, but I have been so busy with the naughty ones I totally forgot. Now the blooms are all gone, and it is just weeping, leafy, green branches.

Please just say “NO” to Word Verification. Having two jumbled words is making it close to impossible...and it is an eye irritant. Often I have to give up and move on. It is becoming so time consuming and I cannot see where it does a bit of good. Blogger automatically picks up any suspicious spam and I can dump it when I go to my comment approval page.

This post is linked with Texture Thursday at “thedailywyatt."


  1. That's such a beautiful photo, Genie. What a shame you missed the daily progression ... drat!

  2. Absolutely stunning!
    This could be a notecard!

  3. I think blogger improved slightly, that the words are easier to decipher, but still hard.

    I have mine that only those with accounts can comment. I see that some spammers try to get away with setting their accounts with nothing in them.

    I like it when there is no word verification, but the trouble is , there are some blogs I have been commenting, I do a comment, come to post it, and find they have the verification.

  4. Really beautiful shot and great use of textures.

  5. Delicious photo. I love the delicacy these beautiful flowers.

  6. Beautiful art! I do love cherry blossoms! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. You made my day!

  7. Such a lovely photo, warms the heart. You are working wonders with that class girlie - love it. Keep up the great work
    Happy n Safe EAster Weekend :)

  8. this is just absolutely stunning!

  9. Beautiful shot with wonderful textures!