Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hospitals~Fires~Computers...I Think It’s Saturday

On Monday I had to have a procedure - a myleogram - done at UVA where they  inject a dye into the sac around the spinal column which on me is a full “S”....called scholiosis, a CT scan, and a bone density test. It took all day, and then we picked up our little Eloise and headed home. By Tuesday morning the spasms had returned, and they came back with a vengeance. Poor Eloise had to wait on her Baga instead of me waiting on her. I was supposed to drive her back on Thursday, but was unable to make the trip. One of our dear friends took her back for me. Today is Saturday, I think, and I am still in spasms...and I am getting tired of it all. They had better be under control before Monday because I AM GOING to work come heck or high water. Oh, I forgot to say the instructions were to be still and quiet and to keep my head elevated. All I can say is the dye really fired up the nerves and I have not been out of pain and spasms since Tuesday.

Just for some sweet icing on the cake of life, our house has been in the CENTER of one (5 different ones are burning) of the forest fires raging at this time - The Rich Hole Fire.The main operation center for this fire has been at our volunteer fire depot about 5 miles from the house, but many of the trucks have been going up from a spot on a dirt road beside the Quaker church -less than 1/2 mile from the house. A BIT SCARY! Fire trucks have been brought in from all over and vans with Virginia Emergency something written on the sides. These were definitely not the type vehicles we see at the Quaker Church each week. We took Eloise out to dinner on Tuesday night, and on the way home we could actually she the huge red fireball on top of the mountain. Stopped at “Command Central 2” at the Quaker Church be told to go home and get ready for evacuation...that some of our friends had already been told to leave. Poor Eloise was scared to death and was running around the house getting all of her pictures I have everywhere and putting them in my suitcase. Before I knew it she had hauled it out and put it into the car!I grabbed my jewelry box, all important docs, the computers...and I shoved them into the car. If the posse arrived, Eloise was to grab my clothes from the closet. Bud got the cat into a carrier and his pack, sleeping bag, and other IMPORTANT items and he was true hiker would leave those behind. Eloise refused to take off her shoes and clothes because she had to be ready to leave the minute someone knocked on the door. So, all night long she was kicking me with her feet trying to move all over my bed. As she would take over one side I would get out and go to the other side. This happened several time during the night. NOT good for a back in spasms as are not being still, calm, and quiet as instructed by the doctor.

Here is the comment of the century....”Baga, it really wouldn’t be so bad if the house burned down because IT REALLY IS VERY OLD. Then, you and GrandBud could move to Richmond and live beside us. I would really like that.” And then in the next breath she told me we needed to call a motel ASAP and get a room with a hot tub and pool...she did not want them to all get sold out.

These photos were taken by a friend of ours, Oakey Pruett

Well, the 5 different fires are still burning ~ as of now 20% under control ~ and there are fire fighters here from all over the state. They are expected to continue for a week. The air in and out of the house smells like smoke, though outside is unbearable. The winds have finally turned it away from us so we are not seeing fire trucks and sherif cars zooming up and down our road. Interstate 64 was closed for a good bi
The final blow has been none of the computers were working until today. Something about the addresses in the router had gone cafluy. After hours with AppleCare we are up and running again, but I still cannot sit up for long. Have a great selfie to post - I took it while I was on the slab and the doctor and techs were doing the myelogram. Eloise and I also went picture taking and I did get some great shots of the new barn at Big Spring for Barn Charm though it will be a week late.

Hope all of you are well and had a wonderful Easter. I appreciate so much the notes from those of you who were wondering where I was. Hopefully, Monday I will be back up and back to my silly self and will feel like playing on the computer. 

Like in “Oliver”, BE BACK SOON! 


  1. oh, genie! the back spasms would have been bad enough to hear, but the fires are absolutely terrifying! i am sorry little eloise had to worry about it during her visit.

    i truly hope all will be getting better from here on out!

  2. Oh dear - I hope things have improved somewhat - your back and the fires. Sending lots of healing energy to you and watery energy to help put the fires out! Be safe.

  3. Heavens! I certainly hope things get better there!

  4. Oh Genie, I knew this date was coming up and I didn't even get to tell you good luck or to pray for you I have so messed up several dates in the last week or so.....I don't know why. So sorry about the spasms. I hope they will find something that they can do to help. So glad you got to spend time with Eloise. This fire things is so scary. Don't wait too long to leave. How long can that cat stay in the box. So sweet (kinda) what Eloise said about living near her and then booking a room. I hope you will be okay. Prayers coming your way.

  5. What a terrible story you have to tell! How much bad things can happen after each other. The fires must be very scary and your pain too. Wish you all the best and hope you will be well.

  6. YOu pooor thing. Fires and back spasms and computer problems... What a week you had!! Hardly seems fair that it should all hit at once and your back pain just sounds excruciating. I'll be wishing for a better week for you ahead.

    Such a dry year we are having already and it's only mid April, I dread to think of what could lie ahead for us.

    Take care.

  7. I thought it very odd that we hadn't heard from you and know I know. WOW, I do hope that you are OK with results of your tests and pray for your home to be safe Genie. I had to laugh at Eloise's statement - that kid is a thinker.
    Hope you are safe and hope everything goes OK with your tests.

  8. I am so sorry to read that you have been having such a traumatic time of it not just with your health, but with the forest fires and so on. Stay safe and Take Care of yourself, do as the doctors say, blogging can wait!

  9. Oh my...! SO much have bad things have happend. Wishing you all the best and hope you will be well. (((Hugs)))

  10. Sending good thoughts for your back to behave itself.
    Eloise is a charmer and you tell her story so well.
    We watched the Shipwreck fire (another one of the 5)here in Page Co. from our back deck. Scary stuff here in VA.
    I'll take a little rain please.

  11. Well, that's a bit too much for a weekend. Hope you're feeling better!

  12. Oh my gosh Genie -- I'm catching up and just ... I will go read the later posts to make sure everything is OK..then come back. Oh that is an awful weekend

  13. Genie, what a lot to go through. What a time you are having.